I can't stay away from this place

Blizzard just managed to put over 500 players in Silithus without layering.

They did it by not updating how people were facing as often and batching buff/debuff applications.

This isn’t an ideal experience, but it prevents the server from crashing and it’s quite playable, and in a large city where people aren’t in combat anyway you literally won’t be able to tell at all.

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People come and go. I joined and became active in a dwindling guild which has grown in a year from 100 chars to close to 800. It’s a RIOT how much fun people are.

My advice is you find a fun guild and enjoy.

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I love this line so much

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I actually disagree

My views are this on it, the new systems modern wow introduced made it easier for players to not interact. So they didn’t interact.

None of these things stop a player randomly saying hi to someone or starting a conversation between 2 players. It’s the simply fact the said 2 players no longer have to.

Classic made life really hard if you were to attempt avoiding other players. And that’s simply the difference.

You can have all the conversations u effectively want. And I’ve been in several circumstances throughout groups and more and had conversations with the players.

It’s just simply alot of people now don’t need to speak so simply wontm


I’d like to know how shadowlands is bringing anything back??

Like as far as I can tell it will be the same as BFA in a social aspect.

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You need a reason to say “hi”. Just saying “hi” randomly won’t produce any results and will usually just end up feeling awkward. You need to feel as if you’re going to have an easier time if you work together. The game should bring you together. You can resist, and the game should respect that, but it should try.

Right now it doesn’t.

It does some clever things with map sizes and the levelling system, the covenant system provides more identity at the cost of flexibility, flying is, as usual, going away, world quest mobs are harder and you’re expected to do fewer world quests, legendaries are back, craftables are much more useful from many different professions.

It’s a lot better. It still needs to lose CRZ though, that’s really important, but Blizzard appear to be prepping for that by reducing the map size relevant for levelling (level squish) and merging realms en masse.

They also talk openly about this issue, and they want to talk even more about it.

I appreciate that people like different things, the problem is when people want to force old ideals on others and make the game slow and boring that I object.

And what about all the people that don’t want it. I fail to see the logic in that statement. Ruin the game for the majority of players to suit some minority that hanker for a by gone age.

The game has moved on, it got better and better every expansion, improved more and more. Classic belongs in the past, it has no place in modern WoW. It’s great it exists as a bubble for those who want to play it. I’m currently enduring it with a friend and everything in the game makes me want Retail and appreciate Retail all the more for how it’s ten times a better game with better systems.

Mythic plus is PuG content. The queue system is there for normal and heroic dungeons. You couldn’t auto queue mythic dungeons any more than you could Mythic raids. Keys are from 2+ to whatever you can push, it’s not even suitable for an autoqueue system. There is no sense of community in PuGs, there is a sense of community in guilds and actual communities that have a common goal. Classic isn’t any different tbh. It’s just more of a pain in the posterior to do any group content.

Classic lags a lot anywhere there are large numbers of players. It’s usually only in major cities, I have not been near Silithus so I can’t comment what it’s like there. I remember the old days when Orgrimmar lagged hard and eventually blizzard started introducing phases.

I’m all for a busier feel with people around you but not with the extreme measures you propose which will just kill the game.


No you really don’t.

I just don’t believe that the problem is the game anymore I think alot of the modern playerbase has simply grown acustom to not talking. And I don’t think that’s something you will restore in wow

And they won’t get rid of phasing unless this games population dies that much

I was no more social back in vanilla then I am today. Neither forms of wow changed me. That’s just how it is.

If anything I’m actually more social these days in my day to day wow life then I was. Now that I can get involved with discords surrounding the game and have that communication without the expense of feeling forced to be grouped or doing specific content I can chat to people as I do my own thing.

Pugs actually reduce the weight assossiated with things

I’ve been in many guilds doing the same content I do yet I will pug before I join a key.

The weight a player can feel from feeling needed to perform well and optimally among people who will recognise them as a player and that of the pug world who will not remember him is at times heavier among players who will recognise you.

The stress you can put on yourself in such a circumstance could simply hinder your ability to play. I very much do become anxious at the concept of messing up Infront of players who I know will recognise me

So I pug alot to avoid that anxiety as I feel in the crowds of Pugs people won’t remember me or care who I am which takes away that position.

No map size will ever change that.


I honestly think we all talk elsewhere now.

I have my own discord, a guild discord and the Fortune Favoured (FF) Discord and they are hives of activity that I can barely keep up with. FF in particular, blink and you’re a good 100 messages behind. Leave it a couple of hours and sometimes you can’t catch up xD


I’m in favoured fortune aswell :rofl::rofl:

Although my main character is unguilded :rofl:


Modern day WoW is why I’m content being on an RP server, there’s a community and you will see familiar faces pop up here and there.
That said you should deffo have an interest in RP if you plan on playing on one, it’s half the experience is joining RP.

Otherwise find a guild with a community you click with, personally we speak more on discord than in-game but that’s because we play other games than just world of borecraft.

That is my busiest discord server atm.

I love that they keep doing events as well.


Not only while doing other games, you can have the app on your phone, people use it out and about, or at work or commuting etc. It’s much more social and inclusive IMO.

Yup, I used to share pictures from work mostly because I spendt a good chunk snuggling the local cats.
It’s just a good app to stay social on without it being a social media thing like twitter or facebook.

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I do them all Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Insta etc :laughing:

Facebook for close friends and family, twitter for whatever I use twitter for and that’s my social media.
Used to use Tumblr and DeviantArt for the art communities, but former is a god forsaken place and the new layout on DA makes my head hurt.

Insta is a terrible place unless you’re out and about being social alot, only ever go there for work related subjects lmao :joy:

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Fortune Favoured is basically the Discord equivalent of pre-MoP trade chat of a mid pop realm :joy:


We’ve already been through this discussion and I already moved past it. How it is even possible for you to lower us back down into this back-and-forth nonsense is completely beyond me.

Blizzard screwed up. They changed one game into another game, and now the people who want the original game want that other game changed into the original game, and these two groups have a really hard time reconciling. My position on this situation is clear, yours is clear, we’re never going to agree. Let’s move past it and discuss how we can get the best of both worlds to the extent that it’s possible. After all, the goal must be to make the game more fun for all its fans.

Dear God, I can’t even express how much I disagree. I disagree so much it feels borderline offensive, even though I know it’s not meant to be.

There is a sense of community in PuG’s provided that the group of potential PuG players is small enough and the experience of playing with them long and common enough that you have a chance to get to know them. That is the town effect, that is what Classic has that retail does not. You know the feeling - you say you do - but you obviously have no idea why it happens whatsoever. Then again, almost no one does.

It really doesn’t.

There is no phasing on Classic and on some realms there were thousands of players in Silithus. Through optimisations it was only slightly laggy, but it worked. Orgrimmar never lags. It did when we were all using 2004 PC’s, but we’re not anymore.

EDIT: Look at this:

Look how stupid many players there are. It ends up lagging eventually, but in vanilla it crashed repeatedly.

Well Classic restored it instantly just fine, so you’re provably incorrect.

The trick is not to remove phases, the trick is to keep the phases the same. That’s what realms do, and that is why the realms model was chosen over the CRZ model when the game launched. Do you think that the original Blizzard, the creators of Battle.Net and Guild Wars, which works on a CRZ based system, couldn’t do this?

Of course they could. They knew what they wanted, and CRZ and megaserver wasn’t it. Simple as that.

I don’t agree with your sentiment at all although it seems you have to have the final say on it and I’m not allowed to reply. Those that want Classic can go and play it without ruining the modern game for the rest of the playerbase who prefer Retail. Removing all the benefits of Retail are not going to improve the game IMO.

There is no community in PuGing, it is mostly I will keep my head down, my mouth shut and hope not be removed. Group finder/LFD was the great improvements made to WoW. I actually got to do the dungeons and see them at the right level. I found people very toxic when I started playing.

It is a myth in Classic. Most groups form, say very little to each other, complete the content and go their separate ways. There is just a huge tedious amount of time wasted in Classic forming a group, travelling and completing the dungeon. Doing dungeons in Classic is an ordeal, it’s not fun and takes a huge amount of time. Spamming multiple channels trying to form groups is not fun or a good way to spend my time, travelling for up to 20 minutes to get to the location is not fun, waiting on others to get there is not fun. Just so that we can do a dungeon. The system is archaic and unproductive. I’m very glad group finder exists in Retail.

There is lag in Classic, I’ve played it a considerable amount over the last week or two and lag is definitely a factor, especially when people are gathering in SW for the head to drop. You can’t even use the flightmaster or get near him. Incidentally I have never claimed there is phasing on Classic but I do remember when they introduced breaking down Org into phased sections. There isn’t really a lot to Classic. It’s a fairly small game these days.

I understand fully what gives the community feeling, we just don’t agree on it. You want something I don’t. As I said, I want to have non CRZ end game, I would be happy with all CRZ gone unless you group with someone but I think that is unrealistic seeing as that was a response to levellers feeling alone, something I considered a luxury back in TBC/Wrath etc etc. Remove WM so that we aren’t sharded and dial back on all the phasing players away from each other unless it’s for storyline purposes. That will give the community feeling back where we get to see each other again. Removing flying, portals etc is just creating huge inconvenience for people, that’s not improving gameplay, that’s making it worse. I like that no matter what time of day or night I can find a group for things because of CRZ.

However, I don’t think we will see WM removed, I don’t think it’s even practical at this stage. All realms are ‘Normal’ and people can opt in and out of PvP. So I think there is little hope of feeling more connected to people from my own realm. They can’t really remove CRZ because WM is based upon it. Blizz care about the world looking busy although ironically some shard make me feel more alone.


The problem that I have with this is the sheer number of times I’ve responded to it. You’ve definitely had your say to me and to the world - to suggest otherwise is utterly ridiculous.

Again I must give the same old hoary speech: Delivering classic is not the same as delivering the old WoW experience. Classic is done to death and explored fully, which is leading to what effectively amounts to exploits. The game is so metagamed and played out that raids are going down instantly and events and requirements are known years in advance. Everyone already know all the solutions to all the problems and know all the fights and how to solve all the challenges in all of them.

That’s not a world of danger and mystery, like Classic promises to be and was when it came out, and many of us want that.

… wow, okay.

You sure seem to play it an awful lot for someone who doesn’t want WoW to be like that.

So we agree, and the solution that Blizzard has come up with is reducing the amount of zones you go through, thus reducing the map size. If you wanna go to the older expansions, obviously CRZ is needed, but it shouldn’t be needed for the BfA+Shadowlands experience. The map is made small enough that a single realm can cope with it.

This design solves the map size issue without removing content, and that’s precisely the kinds of compromises I want to talk about. It’s not unrealistic at all - they’ve almost done all the work already!

And you continue on agreeing with me when you say you don’t.

I think CRZ to the extent of being “invited to another realm” is just going to have to be a fact of life at this point. That’s one of the things we just can’t rid of because people have relationships across servers.

Flying and portals means you’re not in the actual world and you’re certainly not persistently moving around it, and thus whether it’s CRZ or not becomes irrelevant. But we’ve beaten this horse to death as well, so let’s just agree to disagree.