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WoW’s town effect is completely dead.

Ion is going into interviews begging people to ask him about it.

Nobody ever does.

Everyone’s razor-focused on competition and rotational gameplay. Nobody cares about the sense of world and the community, and the sense of identity that results from this, any more - because all those who did got fed up and quit, which resulted in everyone remaining thinking they were so smart and righteous.

It’s sad.

And what’s sadder is that everyone called it “a relic of the past” and “it won’t happen again, everyone’s on social media.”

And then I play Classic for 2 hours and it happens pretty much instantly.

And yes, this forum has it, too. There’s just enough people you can’t know them all, but just few enough that you will run into many posters repeatedly and can get to know them. That’s what WoW is missing today in a bloody nutshell.


There are lots of things I hate when I’m playing Classic but I really do love that we are not phased from each other and we are all realm based. I am in a large guild and I see people from my guild EVERYWHERE. In retail I only seem guildies once in a blue moon unless we are grouped.


I do not know in my server Boralus is a town where people ‘afk and gather’ and there are even local celebrities.

Admitted its much harder to have town effect in Horde town with gazillion levels. Least in Boralus you have one small area people like to stick to - the corner between inn-mailbox, and flightpath.


What Ishayoe said is pretty much spot on.

I too kinda miss it, though I’m hoping come Shadowlands it’ll come back a bit with the forum community discord which so far has been pretty nice even if we’re on different realms.


Right, but what’s so hard to understand is that many of the things you might hate about Classic are what causes this effect to work.

If you want the town effect and the sense of scale and world Classic is famous for you can’t:

  • Have cross-realm play
  • Have a group finder
  • Have a lot of portals
  • Move very quickly through the world
  • Have flying
  • Have massive realms with no queues
  • Have tiny realms
  • Have an extremely large world map (aka expansions are a problem)

And a wide, wide array of other things.
I’m sure there’s some really clever designs around to fix these things though. Find compromises that actually work.

Blizzard just didn’t understand this for ages. Whoever it was that just got this must’ve left or something must’ve happened over there idk. And I was struggling so hard to explain myself.

But now they get it again. I’m excited to see if they can manage to fix it again without pissing a lot of people off.

I think layering and realm merges are an excellent start. Get rid of CRZ.
I think hiding old expansions is a great step as well.
Using covenants to give identity is a controversial but interesting step.

They clearly get it now.


No decent guilds then?

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Took me a while to figure out what place you ment…Blonde days

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like a guild?



You can have a sense of community by just removing sharding xd?

Having a group finder especially doesn’t take away anything from the game lmao

I’m still trying to connect to that discord

As soon as you add these you enter the world of “the big city” - a place where there are millions of people and you never meet them twice because there’s just too many - and even when you do you’ve met so many people you don’t realise you’ve met someone twice. It distances you from the local community.

When a sufficient number of people move to “the big city”, the town turns into a village, or even a “holiday destination” where the tourists are always there but never speak to anyone, and so the town effect dies entirely.


That’s a bit arrogant. I am pretty sure a lot of wow developers working on the game are much smarter than we are and they can identify issues the game has to face but excel sheets are more important for the management board and shareholders than your little bubble. That is my opinion

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Aha, so that’s why I can log into AD right now and see at least 3 or 4 familiar faces in trade chat having bants? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well, they admitted it. That’s what the whole “You think you do, but you don’t.” and their miserable attempt at catching the sense using “hardcore realms” is all about. They literally went on stage after announcing Classic and talked about it for the first time in 10 years.

I’m not just making it up. I’d definitely be arrogant if I did.

Trade chat is server-wide and doesn’t go on CRZ. It’s basically the last remaining vestige of the town effect.

So yeah.

So how would having a group finder take anything away from that xd?

Cross realm sharding is the #1 offender, thinking a group finder or cross realm gameplay takes anything away from the community feel in cities is completely delusional imo.

Your trade chat is a village. It, and many other channels and activities, would be A LOT more active if the other problems weren’t here.

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guilds and community, yes. but I been there, tried that. I spoke about it on here a few months ago.
guilds and communities may start with the intent of being social, but many of them quickly start to fill up with alts and the regular people get busy with raiding etc and don’t talk. I saw the same names for a few weeks when the community finder was implemented, but after that, it become devoid of any chatter. I don’t have the energy to join numerous different guilds or communities to find such a fleeting thing.


Same here…I have joined several guilds and communities in the hope of finding a chatty one without any luck. And if there are chatty communities or guilds they speak on discord only…


blizzard should make a deal with discord to have all the guild chat be IN discord and IN the game so that it’s not all separated. but that is a whole different matter.