I cleared M+ blindfolded!

i just cleared m+ 11 neltharus blindfolded with pvp gear and 0 RIO and some people have ego to not invite people without 3k rio in 5+ like come on wake up its PvE all you have to do is spam rain of fire or similar spell your class has and thats it you’re top dps and move out of incoming aoe like lol “pve is hard” ??? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Gj settting up those gateways, moving only when swirlies were under your feet and banishing adds as they spawned.

Quite the feat blindfolded.

Sure people demand too high a bar for low keys but this vid? :clown_face:

I was especially impressed with 16:33 when he was pressing incinerate with both of his hands off the keyboard.

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You know… I drove a Formula 1 car around Imola blindfolded today … super easy as well …

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impressive but not as much as running M+ blindfolded

that is natural when you are bua lock the imba lock its my special powers

This is some quality bait.

Its very obvious ur lying :joy::joy: but a quality bait at starting a argument.

i have a lot of people all the time in my groups that are either playing blind folded or without a keyboard, at least it looks like that.
And they often finish the key as well! seems quite possible and nothing special?

idk about you but why are you disrespecting blindfold players with a see through scarf and taking it off all the time?

Why not play DH? Would be ultimate class fantasy.

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