I decided to give WOTLK a go

I’m on Nethergarde Keep It’s OK. It’s considered medium population, but it always seems busy to me - maybe too busy at times.

I think the current interpretation of ‘medium’ is more akin to what was considered
high back in the old days before megaservers.

I will say that I’ve run into comparatively few idiots, but that may be because I don’t group with random strangers very often, I have global channels turned off so I don’t see any of the spammy crap, and generally I just keep to myself and the rest of my guild.

Therefore I can’t tell you very much about the server. The few times I tried Battlegrounds in Wrath we got absolutely steamrollered by roflstomping Russian premades every single time. Most of the experience involved being repeatedly camped attempting to get out of the graveyard, gaining around two feet before being pulverised, but that was several months ago - not sure if it’s the same now.

The server’s a PvE realm though, so if you’re wanting whatever semblance of world PvP that still exists out in the world it’s not for you.

Honestly though, when people say ‘world PvP’ what they usually mean is ganking lowbies who are trying to level, or being ganked in turn. The old pitched battles of Vanilla have fallen by the wayside.

Give it go - just make sure you pick higest populated server.

Everyone plays and will play Horde on wotlk because of PVE racials
Aliance has better pvp racials but very low % of ppl play pvp so it doesnt matter

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You are wrong.

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That’s your opinion.

if yo quit around new year how do yo know that things are worse… ulduar is good raid and with icc hardmodes will woltk be even better

Because of bots and dying servers.

I have no interest in those mega servers and I’m also Alliance.
I have a character in Era, I think that Blizzard knows by now there will always be a demand for Vanilla, so i think that Era will remain untouched so i can always go back to it, i love Era/Vanilla so if Wrath lets me down i always have a place to return to.

As of now i want to play Wrath for several reasons mainly because of the lore, i love the story of Arthas since Warcraft 3, plus from what i have read and watched in some videos, Wrath was the most popular WoW expansion where it reached the biggest amount of people playing the game.
I think that for this alone it’s worth to give it a go.
I also believe that people love to be dramatic about stuff, is the bot situation an issue? I believe it is, but the bot thing isn’t new, i do think that bot have been around WoW for years now, what’s astonishing to me is that people, in 2023, still think that Blizzard is going to do something about it, well to each their own i guess.
Era also has bots, maybe not that many because Era isn’t that popular or mainstream even if it has been having a big influx of players in recent months.

As i mentioned above somewhere, me as a players i don’t care for hugely populated servers, i chose Thekal and i have been having fun there while leveling.

It’s all right, get into the right communities and guilds and you’ll have everything you need.

I’ll warn you tho, if you are a solo chat hero trying to get a 5.5 GS Tank for Heroics at 04.00 monday morning, the server is “dead” … ^^

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