I do not want fresh

I want Classic+.
Definetaly not made by the retail team. Both developpers and writers included. Give us Warcraft without Twitter hacks self virtue signaling gloating over their work on social media. I want writers more akin to Warcraft 3. Perhaps we could take a step back and change a few things. Female night elf druids and male night elf priests/hunters need to go.

I am still venturing and exploring in Azeroth, doing all the quests. I just like adventuring and exploring and by god am I settled with classic. I have about 30 days of played at level 60 and I still am doing SIlithus quests, plaguelands and the badlands. Just exploring and venturing out on my own, or with a group of friends.

I love Classic Vanilla.
Where are my Warcraft 3 homies? The original one, not the reforged trash.
I do not care about graphics, raid encounters. Just give me story in the setting of old Warcraft. Thanks.


Azeroth is a wonderful playground with so much to experience.
I thoroughly enjoyed my Classic journey.
As i started retail during TBC I was hyped to learn that Classic was progressing through that Dark Portal.

But now I’m there again I’m not so sure…


Yea same i prefere azeroth’s classic and not the weird new zones. Although Bastion’s an exception.

I dont know who you really meant to address with your post. Its definetly one way of asking something by telling blizzard that their employee are bad at everything.

I can see the appeal to classic + but just remember the original team who created classic wow won’t be making it.

Furthermore, it would be pulling away from retail wow, which I doubt they’d do.

whatever it is

i hope its FRESH

I don’t agree with all your post but I agree on the basis : if Blizzard wants a durable success, it needs its OSRS. Fresh would just fizzle out quickly because of mass-market player boredom (basic customers need new stuff all the time like ADD children).

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All they got to do is establish a brand new realm, how hard can it be? :thinking:

Wotlk should always have been the first expansion.

WC3, what have they done to you :’(

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