I do very little to no DMG


Hi, my main account i play on (and pretty much my first actual one) is blood elf rogue lvl 74 . Im wondering about the fact that when i play and explore with friends i do 500-2000 damage per hit even on lvl 60+ enemies . But whenever i play in dungeon i do 30-180 damage and sometimes 250+ (rarely) and my question is that why is it so low? My friend does 1000 damage and hes an troll hunter and 10 lvls lower than me (i know different classes do different damage etc) but doesnt 100 damage per hit seem a bit off? If anyone could help me i would appreciate it!


It’s probably because you’re an assassination rogue that uses a sword for his main hand.

And rogue doesn’t actually do much damage outside of m+ with outlaw meme flurry build.

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Damage scaling exists in dungeons so you have to be mindful of lower level players might do more damage and such. As for rogue previously mentioned your set up involves swords which you can only use as outlaw, build wont matter too much till you start obtaining azerite armor, dont worry about DPS too much but be mindful that you atleast have the right weapons equipped for your spec. Rogue damage doesn’t scale very well at low level too since if your playing assa your dots need time to tick so your better off playing outlaw if you truly care about dps

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