I dont mind playing on 12 alts ... buuut

Why is everything a bloody scenario that i can’t play with friends, i always play with friends and i find the game boring without them, and this patch is 1000 scenarios i have to do on my own without my friends

Also sometimes you get stuck if you enter a scenario in party

Pls make em doable in party more in an MMO or add shortcuts for alts please ^^

I know i dont complain on the forums like this, but when i can’t play with friends i get angery as fuk

EDIT(S): Misclicked delete instead of edit lol, had typos


… I was in scenarios with friends… ? Admitted only those scenarios you cannot skip were the ones I was sent in with my friend, including wrathion one, since I was multiboxing and my unlinked minions couldnt skip.

Wait what? i couldn’t with any friends and everytime i try we just ended up in an empty-phase version of the place alone & exit never working, or in each our phase

hum… My friend joined me in Uldum because they almost collided their mount with mine, so we teamed up. And from there onward we were able to share anything and everything. Also my minion joined my other character to make portal to SW for Uldum. We shared Halls, Black rock, the vaults event at the door and so on.

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