I dont want to heal a 2k player ever again

Absolute garbage, never touching this bracket again. What the fk did you do on wednesday why am i getting matched with these trashcans? I cba both healers 2.7+mmr all dps 1900. Impossible to play resto shaman with bad players, they dont have a clue, unreal.


Just outplay the enemy healer 4head

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outplay ppl running out of totems and chasing guy 30% hp rying link but the guy dont know u try to link so u link and then relocate cos he keep running and he still keep running after the relocate :rofl:


i wish i clipped some of these


I think its a good change tho, u still just have to win over the other healer


DPS Impact ur Games positiv and negativ way more then u as a healer
I think u just dont play healer i am not playing this game anymore as healer i rank myself up and get put back into dirt


But to be fair I dont get why the author is complaining it ahould benefit him as a resto shaman. They have it the easiest carrying low rated people.

the easiest way getting an 7 day bann or mute each time they run out of my earthen or Link i am about to say alot of bad words but since alot of ppl are getting banns and mutes handet out over shuffle games i dont use chat anymore in RSS


laughed so hard :rofl:

can feel, got constant blizz behavior warnings when still was trying play heal and bothered to tell people to not line or start using cds and try come for link if theyre dropping instead running from me etc normal things

one friend said bit worse things and now his banned cos of soloq :rofl:

I could understand if u played like disc or evoker, but resto shamans have it easy

i imagine this new mmr change will warrant some bans too its understandable annoying top of among other things if people are in random lobbys they dont belong

people going to lash out now when theyre dropping cause this and then someone reports u on ur tilt

does it shorten or lenghten the que i dont know, atleast communication is worse when we start closeing chats

its hard to not lose temper there on heal, like anger management with jack nicholson :smiley:

Play normal 3s

Ye bruv, cuz thats a good fix to a bracket being fine and then being ruined by one change no one asked for.

never had a healer lower than 300cr in all my games yet idk how this happens to people all the time? 90% of my games healer is pretty much same CR as the rest.

Could be worse playboy, You could be tard wrangling in the -1400 bracket lol

I cant believe people even thrashtalked to you to be honest.

I feel your pain brother. I see people running away from your double wall totems. I see people bringing enemy dps to your head.

And other 2.7 healer? He can basically spam tree form heals, instants, he doesnt need his dps to be in his stuff. He can click and give them defensives. Maybe he is a disc and has 2 ps with third dps power to outdmg 1.8 dps players.

Let me share the hate you get from people who has no idea how it feels…


Don’t worry, grass is not greener on the other side. We have 1500 cr healers on 2k, trinketing a triple DR Poly while everyone is full HP then getting a full blind to the face.

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They should add spear/vesper totem effect on earthen wall totem but for friendly targets. And with totem projection u could teleport them somewhere out of this universe where they cant jump behind pillars.

healer is unplayable in ss, the new mmr system is even more trash than the old one and I thought this is impossible

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Bruh holinka smoking some good good

btw also like that ladder is now infested with disc priest rerollers, that can actually carry low people with defensives :smiley: and dmg like 3rd dps

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exactly this, this kenker asss change favors disc/hpala/evoker so heavily its not even funny. Its so easy to carry trashcans on the above compared to a healer, where your team needs to have a tiny understanding of the game to be able to play

on disc ur team feeds, 2x fkn ps lifeswap dome yezziiir

on rsham, bro i need to link runs the fk away from u.

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