<I Got Bills> horde recruiting. Social raiding guild for parents/ adults

EU horde (Kazzak) casual raiding guild looking for awesome people to come join our little circle of friends.

1: Are you playing on EU servers and speak English?
2: Are you a recreational player with limited raid experience, But want to experience more end game content (raids and m+) away from toxic pugs and try hards?
3: Are you a patient player who wants to have some fun?
4: Do you understand that sometimes life happens /plans change / raids cancel mid run due to children waking up?
5: Are you a parent with limited play time but still wants to run a raid or a few m+ with friends?
6: Do you have a good sense of humour, capable of laughing at yourself and want to make new friends while hiding from COVID?

If you answer yes to a few above, then read on!

We’l have formed an adult and parent, casual raiding guild, with the aim to clear normal and some heroic 1 day a week, AOTC would be nice, but no promises. We’re a mix of long term casual players, new players and veterans. 30% (f) / 70% (m) gender mix, adults, youngsters, spouses, etc.

We’re running 2-2-6 castle Nathria right now and would welcome more friends to join our party bus. A healer is in desperate need (we’re drowning in tanks), but we’ll consider anyone who fits the ethos!

No migration required, come join us for a few dungeons or a raid and see if you like what you see.

The guild is small (13 accounts) and are 90% mid 30’s, Irish people (a few brits, but we don’t hold that against them). We’ve all known each other for years in one way or another.

Your dps, spec, experience and covenant are of little interest to us, if you’re friendly, helpful and fun, you’ll fit right in.

We’re not elitist in the slightest and our motto is “we’ll wipe until we ALL get it”. Impatient people should probably look elsewhere. :wink:

We raid Saturday nights from 9:30 server time until 1 am and do regular m+ during the week.


Hello there.
I am interesting in joining you guys how can i get in touch. I play a fire mage as horde on Draenor. My battlenet id is Irritum#21145, so you can get in contact with me if you have some questions yourself.

Sorry for the delay mate, get me on squiggle#21966

Hey. I’m planning on leveling a horde shaman and was looking for some “parent” guild. Not sure if or how much I’ll raid.
But if you will take a “social” I’m interested to join.

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Just a quick update:

We’re now running 2-3-9 or 2-4-12 depending on sign ups and are 9/10 Normal. We’re hoping to push over into heroic shortly.

We’re currently looking for the following:

  • 1 tank with a dps off spec
  • 1 healer (monk, priest, paladin) - dps offspec a bonus
  • 1 mage

We’re not particularly stringent on new members, so if you fit the ethos you’re more than welcome to come join the nonsense.

We’re now:

10/10 Normal
3/10 Heroic

We’re on the look out for:

Tanks for our mythic + Monday nights (with offspec dps for raids)
Healers (Mistweaver Monk, Paladin, Priest) for heroics on Wednesday night

If Mythic + is your thing, you’re more than welcome to join as we have keys running most nights and welcome all roles / classes.

Get me on: squiggle#21966

Perpetually in need of healers and tanks!

Get me on: squiggle#21966

Hi Mate , Ive just added you on Bnet BuckZero7#2878, Im looking to reroll to a new server due to a guild breakup and would be interested in joining!

6/10 heroic, on the lookout for tanks for m+!

Get me on: squiggle#21966


I agreed with you even with the Hidding from COVID… XD!!!.. I am a Monk Mist looking for a Guild where I can Raid/Myth +…

Pls contact me on game Kimsuntek / dohkoady#1108

Hey dude,
I like the looks of your guild. I’ve done the push thing this expac (farming HC atm). But getting bored lol. And my parsing isn’t as high as the others (I’m not a pro).
I find I have most fun playing dungeons or old raids with my boys tbh, any1 else in the guild try and include their youngsters? That’d be quite cool, to have them a little included.
Let me know if I’d potentially be more at home here? :slight_smile:

Hey dude! Our kids aren’t quite old enough for wow yet, but it’s coming I’d imagine!

Hit me up on my b-net above and we can chat!

Hi dude, your guild sounds exactly like something I’m looking for. I’m not that into raiding tho, maybe in a few months time, but I’m happy to join the social aspect as well as pushing mythic+ keys without pug toxicity and doing mog/mount runs, achievements etc. I main dps (Havoc DH & Arcane Mage) but I’m currently learning how to heal too (Mm monk).

Hi There,

i’ve added you on BNet -Adkit#2541

your guild sounds exactly what im looking for late nighters and chilled, would be nice to have a chat and see if i would fit in!

i got a few alts (not really into DPS, never really put effort since it’s always hard to group)
DH - Tank | Pally - Healer | Monk - Tank / Healer

Me and the Missus are looking for a guild currently i am 9/10 HC on my Paladin looking to learn to tank the raid or Dps on my Warrior if possible

Hey I’m on Kazzak and interested in joining as well! I’m 10/10 Normal but play Elemental so no worries if there’s no spot for me :slight_smile: I’m happy just doing M+ and Torghast

My Bnet: Resurge#21629