I hope you get Cancer... "story"


Well if u took this as boasting and you believe its not worth posting…then thats your own personal opinion tbh…as a pvper i get ganked from time to time myself…but no matter how frustrated i will be because if it…i will never tell someone to kill or get cancer or whatever…

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Your right something does not add up. I mean come on if your going to be for some stupid reason thinking ganking is cool then post this because someone got that annoyed at your conduct why would they do as you have said hide behind and alt?

Did you come on here to tell that story OP and use the alt to prevent other players seeing your conduct as reprehensible and want to give you a taste of your own medicine on your realm? I suspect that is why cowardice is in play. I’ve never personally liked players who are into ganking it’s bad form and not smart or clever.

So by all means hide behind the alt if anything it proves your not prepared to face the consequences of your actions if this persons friends on here where to find out who you really are and to be honest if I was a friend of them I would want to give you a really huge posterior kicking for it.

You went too far and you thought you would be clever and come here in the hopes of getting others to gloat when the total opposite is now happening.

Well said Anfa!


Nah we didnt corpse camp …we actually were running back and forth and i guess he returned thiking we were done or gone


Wishing to someone contract a disease is reportable??

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You ganged someone again and again, and you’re whining about how he typed something to you.
At least he didn’t go on a forum to whine about it, he typed things to you.
You’re now worse than gang victims whiners.


well ganing is fine, corpsecamping maby not so much, but I have been in groups my self where have ended up killing same person several times, though none has never said anything to me about it.

heck today i got ganked so hard in nazmir I do not even know what hit me, think there was way to many hordies at one place, becuse instantly when I zone in to nazmir I notices some lag, and then suddenly everything just stalled and I was dead, didnt feel an urge whisper anyone about it I just left the area instead hehe.

just realy childhis to start instulting people becuse you died, totaly not worth it at all, and should be reported

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Ganging is fine. Corpse camping is fine. Some angry words are also fine.
Going to the forum as a ganger to whine about some angry words trying to get someone banned, is worm-level low.


So me and my guildies were on the weekly call to arms quest today in stormsong. We decided to go to the Azerite quest as its normaly a hot spot for both factions. We started the gankfest normally and things were normal for warmode players, when our party leader recieved a battle.net invitation and he accepted. Only to recieve msgs of a someone telling him that he wish that he get cancer. The party leader laughed it off actully and he figured it was the last human warrior we ganked. So when he returned we ganked him again, and he proved it by sending another msgs to our party leader saying that he wish him to die today…
Well…the party leader whispered him back and told him that some of us need 2 more kills so hurry up to your corpse…but he never did…

Oh well…just wanted to share this story and feel free to comment ofcourse


This literally happens to everyone… Have you ever played a video game before? WOAH someone told you to die in a video game? what was the point in this post?




You have to see the colorful and ugly whispers I get during my regular ganking rampages.
This is a MMO game, thick skin is mandatory.

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If there was a blog post for every time someone said something mean on the internet we’d run out of storage space on it.


Yeah its weird i agree…call to arms is weird…blizzard making a quest to kill other players its weird indeed…what were they thinking making such a thing…but telling other to kill themselves and die of cancer in a game…naaaah thats normal and anyone should do it actually…

As for the level thing yeah its weird too…i rarely log in the forums but this has been the character i post on for a while without even picking him myself…and thats happened after one forum log out as i normally just close off the browser.


Yesterday evening, at Voldun’s invasion i was alone with WM on ofc at the azerite quest. Suddently a rogues atacks me and 3-4 sec after another warrior joins the fight. The rogue was 10-15 ilvl higher than me and the warrior also. Obviously i was caught by suprise, didnt had time to react and they killed me.
I was quite pissed off so i added the rogue to friends and pm-ed him if he “enjoyed” the free kill he did. He started to call me noob and suggested me to turn WM off.
Then i got really pissed off and went back to search the rogue. I found him alone at the quest where you need to kill 12 enemy factions npc’s and atacked him. I killed him alone and then the rage started:
Ultra heavy insults, mother atacks, etc. I cant reproduce what he said, here on forum because i would get a ban, so rude words he used.
This is not the first time it happens with the alliance players, but this is the first time i decided to make screenshots.
Later l, when i finish work i will upload them to convince yourselfs.
Morale of the story is that alliance players are very overconfident and if they loose they start to rage. The conversation is quite funny.
I wanted to report him, but he removed me from friends list and when i sellected his name from chat there was no “report” option. He did it on purpose, so that he can insult me without me to be able to report him.
Screenshots comming in 4h. See you then.

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You want us to say Good Job - not gonna happen :grinning:

Well yesterday story of mine.
Me as horde warrior and some random alliance druid(with his mage friend) lvling up in stormhime. We lvled up to gather for like 45 mins and racing between quests but no fighting happened.
We both reached hellhime. I just pulled like 8-10 mobs and gonna down them with bladestorm. I was like 25% hp and using victory rush to survive - that balance druid showed up and hit me with 2 starsurge and killed me. I moved on - didn’t really wanna get in revenge thing and waste time. I saw druid fighting boss there with low hp - I just sent him few /emotes expressing that it’s now my chance should I kill you? He really got scared and after killing boss ran like chicken.

Human nature.


If you are having warmode on, you have chosen that you can be killed no matter how, and if you feel you have to /pm insults to any gankers/quest farmers you should just never put on warmode, you have the choice not to be ganked/killed if you cant handle it.

Except for the rare situations where you get pvp enabled in non warmode by enemy faction npc guards and the rare offchance an enemy faction player is also pvp enabled and kill you.


Maaaaan this comment is even longer than my post here … you lost me at Your…anyway i dont really need to be repeating my comment replies as most of them are the same so if ya feel like it…scroll in my replies and you will find axreply suitable for your comment more or less…otherwise… what you having for breakfast m8?

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not as good as mine thats for sure. :sunglasses:

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Believe me, Horde-players are more or less the same but in higher numbers. I just got my HM Tauren Heritage Armor and I can tell you stories from both sides…


This is why im not and never will be in warmode