I just wanna lay out how i feel about MW

Created monk in legion was fun and came back on it at the end of Season 2 untill now

-aoe stun and a ring of peace for cc, a one shot if the add is at 74k if were lucky (tanks have a 130k hp range (thats all the utility besides revival dispel)

-All specs have mystic touch but MW can only drop it when we damage (while not healing)

-Mastery is useless i only have a 38% because of set hands and thats just 37points

  • Revival as a dispell is only good for bursting(affix), PF NW and its a 3min cd

±ToD does give a 15% buff if but its mostly when the adds are almost dead (we only have that as a damage increase (besides soulletting ruby))

± 4set is a flat heal increase +450 for hots, RJW essence font and Atotm hits and its a 10s rune(not even a rune but a blueish ring, even ring of peace looks better than this) on which you have to stand on there is some wiggle room but not enough we are a mobile class and you make us stand in one spot.

  • overrall were good in healing in m+ and raid
    -But we lack something that the class requires some modifications to mastery like an addition that mystic touch would scale from it or smth or Tod could have the anima 4 target hit
    Dont get me wrong its a fun class the damage is less than other healers so its a challenge to go higher than other healers but not impossible. it does feel nice when i hit rising sun kick for 26k healing sometimes but not always. Raid is ok best place i can dps and heal is in the anduin fight with bonedust brew as a cd venthyr covenant is still overflowing most of m+ but switching covenants does help in some dungeons

tldr. kinda sad and challenged at the same time with this spec there are some weakpoints in it and i just wanted to lay out and wait for the next expac


They could make mistweaver really good by giving us the interrupt. Maybe if they don’t want more than 1 healer to have it, they could remove it from resto shamans. Since they don’t really look like buffing our damage anyway.

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I think mistweaver is in a really good spot tbh. We are the second best healer in raids by a long shot but probably the worst in m+ due to utility against certain affixes. Doesn’t mean we can’t do high keys as I’ve seen MW pushing 24s and 25s but it’s just harder on this spec.

Personally if I were to say we need anything right now it would either be a talent to change revival to 1.5/2mins or give us more damage in m+. The spinning crane kick buff was nice but it’s hardly used for us to do any healing.

Just because we can doesn’t mean its ideal. I see no reason doing high keys with a mw (except maybe tyrannical plaguefall for last boss lol) when you can have an easier time as resto shaman or holy priest.

We don’t have interrupt and we don’t have holy priest damage. We actually got nothing to compensate, and mystic touch isn’t that much tbh,

This is just a problem with anything not just wow. If everyone had the same utility and the same dps/hps then there is no point in classes.

i think we dont need an interrupt but a second dispel expel harm should be reworked to become it. It could be a longer cd but could dispell all category debuffs from you and the soothing mist target then.

Still all healers dps nowadays why cant we be not the dps but the finishers we have Touch of Death but its useless at high keys cuz it is hard to see them dying to one shot. there has to be a rework for each specilization for tod 15% damage increase is good but not enough when all ads are dead anyway. Brewmaster has the most optimised ToD for its spec out of the 3.

i doubt that would be a thing because it would be a op talent for raids add the EF talent and it becomes a beast every 2 min but then again mastery would become viable for raids then aswell

After seeing 1min spirit shells and 1 minute convokes this expansion I’m not sure a 1.5/2min revival would be that OP. Maybe a 2min rather than a 1.5.

We already get a reduction if we choose the right conduit and depending on procs depends on how much you reduce it by. My suggestion just takes the randomness out of it.

Im up for a talent to make revival 60sec or 90sec but work only at party, which would be a group spell only and wont transfer to raid.

I stand to be corrected but we used to have interrupt, root as well as Invoke Xuen. They took them all away. Now if only in SL they would have given one of them back MW would be in a better place in PvP. Or if they just simply buffed our DPS abilities like the other healers got. As is we already have a stun ability, Para and RoP which in itself are kinda interrupts - not effective against bosses and some “rares” I know.

RSham had an interrupt in BfA aswell. Yet it was the worst m+ healer back then.
Can you explain why you think an interrupt could make mw really good?

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Interrupt prevents damage taken = less healing required = more time spent doing DPS

Mistweaver is generally fine in m+, having something extra would propel it a bit more to atleast compete with rdruid/hpal. Rshams healing for a small group was just atrocious so you couldn’t viably use it, you weren’t able to keep the group up like you can now with healing surge/riptide spam.

I recommend to remove mistweaver from the game entirely. And make the new dragon class have 90% of the mistweaver spells with a slightly different color.

And how much dmg would that be? 200 extra overall dps won’t make mw viable.
I still don’t see how an interrupt could make MW good when you’re not even doing rsham dps during phases when you only do dps.

Exactly… a kick didn’t make rsham viable because it lacked enough single target healing.
MW lacks any kind of dmg right now. It needs either something that allows bigger pulls or something that reduces the time of each pull, e.g. good dps. A kick certainly won’t be enough for either.


An Interrupt will still hit a GCD, its now better to just use Spinning crane in the mean time rather a kick for the venthyr ability or BdB it’s better to just use dps more

How bout an upgrade to rushing jade wind. It would come with its dps implemented back if I remember correctly.

Interrupts are not on the GCD.

i MEAN my Favorite healer is MW BUT IM REALY FORCED TO PLAY Priest just for the meta what I DO With the PF with monk For like every 3 mins

the only healer that needs some buff etc IS MW Instead They’re focusin in PVP stuff of mw , Wheres PVE . Bottun…


Nonono interrupt is good for shaman stay off it

Monk had interupt btw back than.