I leveled 16 levels today... "story"


yesterday after raid me and my guildies, we started leveling (we were about 83 levels).
we decided to do dungeons, I was tanking on my pally that im leveling.
we had a good laugh and leveled for few hours, we did pandaria dungeons and few wod dungeons and also did few quests.
I had to upgrade my heirlooms and i was thinking to buy pots too to level faster but I decided to save my currency so i can afford second mount as well (already got korkuluskus)
and in the end we ended up leveling whole 16 levels, and i got new talent to pick!
I also changed my transmog in mid run haha! very funny :slight_smile:
we also met a healer who was new to the game and i told him not to worry and he was happy about it, but overall i think ill soon finish leveling my paladin and then im thinking ill gear it a bit and prepare for next patch.

Oh well…just wanted to share this story and feel free to comment ofcourse :slight_smile:


that :slight_smile: is very good to :slight_smile: hear :slight_smile: very funny indeed :slight_smile:


CHeeRs :slight_smile: i love doing dungeons with other humans


What the farts is a korkuluskus o.o ?


Not so great story m8, i r8 3/8 for lack of QQ n Drama.

weekend is indeed here lads

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What was the talent?

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I presume he means the krolusk mount from the service medal vendor, where you buy your xp pots :wink:

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Great story man - what is this new method you speak of?

Dungeons in group and you get experience too, who would have thought eh.

Meeting and speaking to other players that’s even stranger, gg on opening a whole new world up for us all.


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It’s nice to see a happy positive post on here for a change. Most stories are all doom and gloom :unamused:. Glad you had fun and awesome helping out a n00b to :blush:


I dont remember, i was playing tank pally so the talent was yellow.

thank you mellisandrae, you’re so wholesome owo

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Pretty disappointing end to the story tbh, a thrilling tale that ends without any details.

Its like the sopranos all over again.


Good you were having fun. :slight_smile:
Hope you always do so!

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