I mean ret is op but so are Bm/Dämo and Mage

Pls also nerf these classes


BM and Demo are getting nerfed, and Mage is nowhere near Ret level, infact I would say Mage is legit useless into ret right now because every sheep is just perma gone, even then BM and Demo aren’t even on Ret level right now, Demo is obnoxious and tanky sure but Ret is just miles ahead of every other class

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ret is way out of hand rn but i dont think they will nerf untill after awc finals


dont they deserve it for atleast a few weeks after rmp’ing pure ppl for years? xd

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Weeks BROO you mean 17 years of RMPNESS xDD


iam up for 17 years of rog mage trashtier and crying whazz

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would be fair atleast

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arms warr big nerfs bm and ret too then game fixed after that just other healers to fw/rsham level and give them more dmg then they might que pvp aswell


Nothing is at the level ret is right now, it’s absurd.

If they leave ret as it is now for awc it will be an absolute clown fiesta. ret warrior fist vs ret warrior fist.

Or Sham ret warrior with its never ending mana supply.

I’m kinda looking forward to it as it will just be an all out brawl highlighting the terrible decisions of the last few patches.


But arms is S tier so busted bro nerf arms

Mage op? :man_facepalming:. I kinda feel bad of this meta, can you share name of crack that you are smoking so i can relax a bit? :melting_face:

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warriors crying lul =)))))))))))))

can’t zugzug properly
zugzugged until you could zugzug no more

you’ll see BM hunters there as well
and frost mages

Well, mage is not weak either. Frost mage pumps and it’s pretty scary, and pretty mobile and tanky.

However, Retri and Arms and Assa are still leagues above anything else


So many “Tanky and pumping mages”
Mage OP
Op mages
Nerf mages
Crazy mage win rates

https:/ /murlok.io/mage/frost/solo

that raiku dude sitting pretty at 3512 in SS
he’s doing all right yo

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Shhh, you cant say things like that. Rets are not allowed to say something unless its “agreeing” with them. :slight_smile:

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So, at last, after the whole 17 years there will be a ret winner in AWC? UNACCEPTABLE! I am raiding a blizzard’s office. Join me.

Good point from “challenger” :man_facepalming:
First of all realize that SS is ranked skirmish.
Second, there is sub rogue almost at 3.5k, and following ur logic sub is broken, here my question, why no1 playing sub after patch? Try add 1+1 if ret player capable of it.

thank you kindly i am quite proud of it

there’s plenty above 3.5

there are more specs that are viable than you are willing to admit
that’s my entire point
it’s the best i can do
take it or leave it son

Agree, at ur 1600-1800 range game looks good :smiley: