I need Worgen Monk in my life


I’m a closeted Horde player that has gone Alliance for the guild I’m in. I miss the ruggedness (and hairyness) of the Tauren I used to play, and I see what I miss in Worgen. Sadly, my class of choice does not line up with what Worgen are allowed to play.

I just want to be a monsterous, furry beast that punch fools to heal my friends and drown my sorrows with brew.

Best Wishes,

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Down side, monk hats all look really bad on worgen heads because they sit weirdly and slope forward :pouting_cat:

Probably part of having played tauren monk for so long, but I don’t mind it. Rather the opposte - it feels more normal to be half burried in a wrap of cloth with shiny balls glued on.

One man’s trash, another man’s treasure situation :smiley:

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