I think I am done, Blizzard cares not about their games


I think after many many years. I am done with this game. I had high hopes for 8.2 And I have done my best to look a the positive. Yet the bad is outweighing the good now , constant issues. Just LAZY coding, big lag issues at times. And just opening content that is thrown together. This game is not even a shadow of what it once was, honestly it should be free to play with the sht you have to go through. World quests not working correctly. I love the fact that the Ley Line, and the wanna be Candy Crush mini games have no exit button? So I have to log out when the thing doesn’t want to register colors. Nodes & herbs spawning mid air?!? Just pure laziness, and honestly it is not worth the money they want from me anymore. They are money hungry and that’s about it. They had problems before, but after Activision? HA, HA. Roll backs because of lag, Rep not registering correctly. And not to mention the fact that half the time I can’t open a ticket in game because the help page wont load correctly. And then they want more money from me ? Keep your games in check and make sure they are WORTH the money you are asking about. Maybe put Dev’s that made this game great back in the right teams? I am just sick of it.
** the player base" - Blizzard 2019.

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Actually you get a buff when in these games that you can right click to exit.
I know this doesn’t address all your points but this is just one thing I could offer.


Thank you! I didn’t even think to check that to be honest. Much love for the help!


I agree with the issues part, 8.2 introduced several issues that are not being addressed currently, and even several older things have new problems.

However I think that just the sheer amount of introduced content outweighs these problems for the moment.


I would see it that way too. But that is what I meant when I said “pure laziness” Things that have been around sense the release of this expansion that are not being taken care of. So they are just putting in more content rather than make the game they have playable? I mean sure it’s playable, but when the same things happen time and time again. It gets old, and then they try to blast about how good new content will be. But never address the problems with the things that are already out? It makes me have no trust in the coming content. Something will always be broken and it’s not like they care enough to fix it. So it kind of puts a damper on the hype of new content and expansions for me. I have come to expect that it will be stressful thrown together and small things like this will always fall through the cracks.


I do not thing that bugs and errors are the result of pure laziness as I’m not a game developer. There are certain issues that I remember were present in WotLK like the issue of blink, that is still not solved, but my guess is that it is virtually impossible.

“Pure laziness” might be the source of some bugs, but then again they are not that threatening. For now. If they refused to address the Frozen Orb bug on Za’qul, I might just follow you.


I would at least like to see them address these problems. Maybe give us an explanation as to why these bugs and things have not been fixed in years? All I want is just a little respect from a company that I have spent thousands on over the years. Enough respect to be like “Yes, we know this is a problem and this is why it can’t be fixed, or we are working on this and realize it is a problem”. But half the time it is just hype about what is to come. Never addressing the fact that their Fck ups have gotten bigger and more common over the years. I mean why do they think people are asking for classic so much? It just makes me so sad.

I mean, WoW has always been a grind. But it was at least fun before. Now it’s just a job, and I put so many years into this game like so many have. It feels like a failing relationship… There is love and hope that it will get better. But I think that it’s just best to go our separate ways.

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For me the biggest issue is a lack of story. I was really hoping for something as epic as Suramar and yet again it was a gated quest chain that ended with opening of the raid and all that is left now are boring WQs. I retired from raiding some time ago so I do play for story and there is almost none. I run around killing crabs and manta rays or some mechs.
Two new races were introduced and i was hoping for some background story, anything that would make me care for them. Maybe there is more to that later on but i am half way through revered and didn’t get any extra quests that would make me interested in helping blue goblins or mecha gnomes.

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if you think WOW is being left to rot and they’re not doing anything, then oh boy. You should STAY AWAY from overwatch.


Hahaha, I quit WoW like a year or two ago. Started to play OW… Played some last night being honest. And I quickly remembered why I quit playing OW…


you do realize you just got to right click the “mini game buff” to close it, right? Surely you didnt actually log out and back in every single time?


I did yes, and if you had read the thread. Someone already addressed that fact for me. But thank you.


Then so be it?
Excuse me that I didn’t think to look for a buff. In the fact that they have used action buttons FOR YEARS, YEARS. As the main source of getting out of vehicles, mini games, ect. Nor was it mentioned anywhere that they work like that? That comment alone highlights yourself as being closed minded, IMO.


What do you mean by that though ?

My experience for 8.2 so far had been overwhelmingly positive as far as BFA goes. Game systems are either better or the same than before in BFA, content is better and more abundant and the story makes more sense than the war campaign did.

Not saying this is the best expansion ever but 8.2 is so much better than the previous BFA patches.

Why would 8.2 make you quit the game if 8.0 or 8.1 didn’t manage to do so ? I don’t really see any reason for this.


I always have low hope, then if and when they made it better than i hopped for i am happy lol, otherwise you just get disappointed if you have high hopes.


A polished turd is still a turd though, right?


just clicky the buff, youll pop out of the candy crush/lines games.
Yes BFA was a mess, mainly cos of the story and the insane gearing system, and the azurite neck and the not fixing old bugs, massive lag and messy nodes disappearing cos of sharding etc etc.
I know its awful, a private company tries to make money … don’t buy their cosmetic things if you don’t want to give them more money. I haven’t and never will but anything like that for real money, if no one does then they’ll stop. You cant be surprised a private for-profit company tries to sell things that people will buy … and they do.
A game is worth paying for if you decide it is, nothing else matters.
Don’t pay if you don’t like the game.


This isn’t a fair statement but you do you.


Will you share why you don’t think it’s a fair statement?

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I have not had any issues with the quests you mentioned. It sounds like you may have connection or graphic card issues.

It used to be extremely laggy in Boralus at times before this patch but that has been fixed.

To me the biggest issue is that the content is thin, unrewarding, grindy, non engaging, repetitive, and the story plot is nonexistent.