I think I am done, Blizzard cares not about their games


Legion is considered to be a good expansion by most players, and 8.2 is extremely similar to how legion used to be in 7.2

If anything BFA has some slightly better systems (TF and RNG were there in legion but the legendaries acquisition were much worse than the current azerite), a worse storyline (i doubt many player would rather have the War campaign than the class halls ) and some failed concepts (island, War fronts).

May as well add PvP template and useless PvP vendors versus no template and no vendor to the list.

Things are pretty similar at the end of the day so calling 8.2 a turd isn’t really fair when you see how well people seem to like legion now.

Wasn’t around in 7.2 so can’t tell how it felt though, all i have is forum/Reddit feedback since BFA launch.

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I always sigh and say “This is such a buggy game” but ultimately it’s the daft decisions they make that get me cross and quit, not the bugs. I mean it is a 15yo game… maybe it’s the engine? Idk. I guess it’s like a loveable quirk to me now. “Ah, it’s a bug. Silly Blizz.” Compared to “YOU WANT ME TO DO LFR JUST TO DO THE WAR CAMPAIGN? I QUIT!” (I caved in, in the end)


Thank you for taking the time to respond!

Objectively, I don’t think BFA and Legion are alike at all, given player interest/engagement as a metric to go by, and whilst we don’t have official subscriber numbers we have other phenomena going on which we can interpret. There is also the microcosm of guilds and friendships - I for one have 0 friends left playing the game, we all drifted away from any type of serious content engagement by the end of 8.0.

This comes from a dramatic change to how BFA was compared to Legion. Whilst you may take 7.2 and 8.2 and say they’re similar in design, for me that may come as a negative – because in a while I will be able to say I haven’t played both.

In your original post you describe how 8.2 is okay as far as BFA goes, yes, and then I said that it’s still the context of BFA – there’s limited player engagement: islands are a chore, M+ has been changed into a weird thing and dungeons are not as interesting as Legion ones. The same ‘interesting’ aspect translates into the story – the War Campaign is a joke compared to all the different Order Hall stories, and HoA is similarly a joke when compared to the Artifact weapon.

You’re right that the 8.2 systems are similar to 7.2, but I think an important difference is that Legion launched with more working systems from the start – only adding the Netherlight later on – but it should get a point for that, alongside the other differentiators from BFA.

But that’s what I’m saying, over all, BFA is still a turd, regardless if it’s in a better spot compared to 8.0. And regardless if its 8.2 systems are matched with counterparts from 7.2, BFA is still inferior to Legion. And I don’t see 8.3 changing that, whatever else they may bring won’t fill in for 3 tiers of lost sets and months of good storylines.

They had a bad start, a bad 8.1, a bad 8.1.5 – and it’s definitely too late for some players, and I think it shows. I don’t think the expansion will ever recover.


I think it can, but i guess it’s a matter of scale at this point.

8.2 was an improvement, if they keep on going in the right direction there’s no doubt 8.3 will have an even better reception and number of active players.

Will it ever reach the Wotlk state ? Almost impossible. Will it go back to an healthy 8M sub ? Unlikely but i hope it does.

About the social and mindset aspect i don’t usualy take them into account as they are somewhat unrelated to the patch. There are still guilds around and if you hated BFA to the bone then a patch won’t ever be enough to redeem it. Not really fair to use them as arguments but i understand they matter a lot in your overall enjoyement.

One guy from the No Man Sky team recently said that players were most of the time right about the issues but wrong about the solution, and i agree with him for games like WoW. “Blizzard Can’t win” is something you’ll find every so often on this forum and i think there’s some truth in it.

If anything only 9.0 could truly redeem WoW but as far as a patch goes i think they did a good job.

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Honestly, the problem of the .2 patch of BfA seems to be that it’s still BfA, from what I can gather from the negative opinions about it. It does have new zones, a new megadungeon that is seemingly praised, a new raid that in true Blizzard raid design tradition is probably good, but they are underlined by the same problematic things that BfA had from the start: classes lacking fun, systems designed to be way too obvious operant conditioning chambers (titanforging, random sockets, random loot boxes, azerite power), as well as the panoply of other poorly thought out systems like scaling.

I don’t imagine that it is a lack of content issue, as it was in WoD. From what I can gather, the content exists and is even plentiful, it’s simply not that fun to play it for many people.


nah . BfA is already lost cause.

blizzard will really need miracle for 9.0 to revive WoW

if they fail people wont return .


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I can only speak for HC as we aren’t starting mythic until tonight but so far the new raid has been pretty fun and engaging. Even given the tanks something else then just “taunt at X stack” especially at ashvane where we get both the beam and the bubbles


If that is honestly all you took out of what I said. Then sure why not.

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Couldn’t agree more. Years ago i could say “they deserve sub” but now i can’t say that. Now we have free to play games’ quality.

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It took me way longer than I’d like to admit to figure that one out. I still don’t know why there can’t be a “close” button or something.

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