I tried, I really tried, goodbye game

Sorry for my long vent, but I just wanted to post this about the game I used to love to play with my friends year in, year out. But I’ve never felt so dissapointed in a game where PvP is part of it,

From sitting in LFG for 4 hours each day, play 2 matches, and wait 4 hours again on my mistweaver. I tried doing FoTM, got 2k on rogue instantly, didn’t have fun at all, just wanted to play what I want. Decided to go warrior (kyrian first) with my friends. One was a resto sham and the other was a mistweaver.

As you can imagine, they weren’t having the best time of their life in the expansion. But we held on, got the conquest gear and could win an amount of games.

Then the memes came out, the rogue one shots, the convoke crits, we thought well the gear would level it out right? Nope, after 8 weeks and no fixes, my 2 arena friends decided to quit the game…

So here I was, again, sitting in LFG on my warrior that had to be Venthyr to get accepted. But don’t like the way it plays. But that aside.

I tried leveling an alt healer, a Hpal because mistweaver was of course nowhere to be found (yes they can get 2k but they will have a partner with 100x glad exp), and unfortunately I dont have friends like that.

Then, another friend of mine tried to come back and wanted to play resto shaman, he had to work hard during the covid and shadowland launch so he extended his return and got back 2-3 weeks ago. We grinded, for hours, matches after matches, he started with item level 158 and is around 205 as we speak.

But… Today, we just gave up. We faced so many rogues that just one shot with dagger in the dark. Don’t try to defend that abilitiy, please, yes you can mount it, but for how long and then he will just get the buff through walls so you still have no idea where he is? You pre interven, sometimes gets yourself killed… Don’t go that route, then we faced retri and healer a lot, we won most games after we just kited for minutes each game because of the wings and the wings proc and seraphim and random 20k crit even through duel? is that ability bugged? And people are defending in trade chat when you ask why that ability is not being taken care of?

After losing to so many rogues , me as a warrior, and my friend hit a dead end at 1780 rating, I just wanted to bring him to rival to get him his last pieces of upgrade and gear on the journey. But then on our last game on 1797… This happened:

We faced a ret, and a DH.

The ret insta bubbled my stormbolt on his wing, the DH did AoE stun on my friend and they both just press ONE ability and he died instantly, nothing we couldve done, nothing.

Im afraid that at this point I can say I really tried to have fun and my expectations maybe were a bit too high for Shadowlands… I tried, even after 9.0.5 I was hoping they would show some better interest in their PvP section…

But after seeing warrior buffs for no reason, and rogue problem not solved (its the legendary not the class) convoke still around, and people just press 1 button to which are uncounterable if you are not a paladin. I’m out, we’re out, all my friends are out. We just cant have fun after working all day to do some arenas in WoW anymore if you arent some peepo that can just sit at home all day gearing up every FoTM class.

Take a alook at the screen shot and see for yourself.

https://postimg.cc/wRMczyWL (remove the *, blizzard great forums btw )

We hope you lot enjoy the game, but we gave it our best, kept trying but now we’re so far, soo far from over.


Hm, interesting. Ok. Bye o/

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…Okay, what class were you playing and what class was your friend playing? He was a rshaman and you were what?

its a warrior dude did you even try to read it? :DDDD


Aha. In that case, there’s a lot that could have been done. Sounds about right.

Even if there was a one shot there and you didn’t react on time, don’t see why you didn’t just queue two more games (and win 'em) to get to 1.8? One shots happen in SL, just shake it off and queue again.

Imagine getting baited like that rofl…

I feel you, all my pvp friends unsubbed already. Two of them were glads every season but they gave up somewhere around 2k this season. I have still two weeks of game time but i dont even play, just refresh the blueposts to look for fixes and pvp changes…they will come eventually, in few months. So yeah, bb mate.


i also had a friend that we pushed 2.1k at nyalotha together and he left the game in the middle of the expansion…now i sit 4 hours a day on a queue and playing half and hour at most

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We got him the ultra defender of WoW. The trade chat champion, the paladino final reckinino.

Enlighten me how i can stop a paladin in divine shield pressing one button where my shatter has 3 sec cast time and he just kills my healer insta which I cant intervene or disarm and then the hunt from shadowmeld? Even if he linked we both wudve died.People that are defending all of this are so weird. Its just a game, a terrible PvP game. When its just this much class-covenant-gear over skill… imagine how great new players have.

Blizz dont even read the forums themselves anymore. They just cashed in with SL and thats it. Memes all over

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Trinket+rallying will stop that until the stun wears off if your mate is orc, or trinket+Earth elemental+BM because after the bubble the ret is dead in seconds and ret+dh is a one trick pony comp with horrible sinergy.
Arms+rsham is much harder than arms+disc or arms+hpally but double dps teams are the ones that are easier imo.
Just don’t give up, keep queueing and he’ll get his rival in no time :slight_smile:

What exactly was the action of your healer on seraphim?
But in 9/10 all you need to do is to play with overwatch and reflect the hoj on his go, due to his gcd it’s not even hard, this way your heal doesn’t even need to trinket. But let’s pretend you can’t the hoj, so what are the options? Trinket it is. Your shaman has to trinket the stun and heal up himself and there are many ways to do so… ascendence, ag into hs since tw stacks should be up 24/7, ul into riptide etc…
Trinket can be used every second go, that means in a case where you fail 100% of the time to reflect the hoj on his burst. That means your shaman healer can trinket or pre wall his go’s. If he can’t do that, then that means that you guys have a 100% fail ratio to react to his go’s, why do you believe you deserve a win in this scenario? I am not trying to offend, it’s a serious question.

He didnt even die in a hoj… he just pressed his earthen and earth ele then want to riptide but already dead. Right through 13 dmg red as well with intervene… If you have to react to this game in 0.2sec? They should get better servers first bu thats a whole other story…

Seen the pic? Get globaled? What do you do about dagger in the dark ? It has more yards than bladestorm, earthen grab sometimes gets them out they just vanish the stun and do it all again. Come on man. Convoke.

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This is where Blizzard fail to understand that we all have day jobs but are expected to play this game like a 2nd job

I’m the same as you i have a full time job i don’t want to then come home and wait 4 hours in LFG to only be matched against a double Boomy team or double rogue team that instant kill you

all i can suggest is use your Sub and the Exit poll as your Vote of no confidence in the current game
unsub and move onto another MMO


Its so typical that players that have been having orgies with this game keep defending. They keep defending the state. Why?

Yoi have to do 600 arena matches just to get full conq gear. Then havr a sumb af ton of trouble breaking 1400 then reaching 1600 anf 1800 is a whole different story if you are behind on gear.
" there is a lot you could do" god these people are giving me anxiety how stupd somenpeople still are in this game.

Im not even gonna try to respond but holey moly im amazed how you think a shaman can survive stuff like that. Its magical dmg and hunt can only be intervened with parry. Yes you can ignore pain but its half smg and he didnt even really die from that. How is pressing one buttin to win in this game sich stulidity where you could first outplay people and wait for DR you just get onetapped if youre not a paladin with bubble or bop

Just reading on forums is convincing everyone on PVP but not for these WoW RP lovers.

Anyway how is New World of AoC looking


im excited for New world and AOC and also Gw2 is getting some hype gain recently

I mean this is a troll comp anyway, lose to it, shake it off, go into next match and do your best. This is how arena works. You will get high rated with just ~51% win ratio. Analyze your previous matches and learn about it, do not focus on some troll comps and ignore what’s important.

I am not saying this is balanced (even tho I got never one shotted by that myself) but also there are some ways (just one example: depends on arena you can stay in the room and shaman can root as soon as you get stacks). But then again these matches are rare, yes they do happen more often on low rating than on higher rating but it’s not this kind of matches that stop peoples climb.
Is not like I didn’t play through all of that on several chars. If you believe your classes are not strong enough, you still could reroll, the issue is that you guys are already playing strong meta classes.

Resto shaman strong meta with 200 ilvl. Yes dude ! Just stop already.

i am jealous of the RET 20k crits though tbh,

so im glad a pala can feel the pvp pain

Resto shaman is S tier mate, especially in 2s. Had 2k on my rshaman as well. The ilvl is a different story and will make some matches harder.
Look at Axran, he is 1,8k for almost 3 months in RBG, has 220 ilvl, playing one of the strongest classes for 2s and how far did his gear carry him?


Just stop it man. Youre missing out on the whole point this post was made in the first place. Stop defending it. If youre not FoTM not the righr covenant (incl stam farm nice) not the right legendary mot the right oneshot class not the right healer came too late in the season the game is just a no go.

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