I wonder how many healers actually like SOLOQ

Is there any? Or you, like me, played just with the flow. I finally decided to stop, to nervous for to little gain. 3-3 games 90% of time and 10% of games where baddies teammate or both of em get lucky for a oneshot for a 4-2 game for me (same can happen to me lol and I will go 2-4).

soloq as healer is quick que but 0 fun.
soloq as dps is 20-40 min long que but is fun however que time makes it unplayable.
rip soloq.

btw 2700rsham stuck on 1500 after 300 rounds.


Yeah i tried my rdruid alt and i quit after 1 game, it is just not fun when my teammates can die in 2 miliseconds


Is there any real pressure on healer in soloq? Experiment with talents, improvise with cc, assist with damage. Do whatever, you won’t get flamed and your partners won’t leave you.

I think u never played a healer in soloque…


I think he never played the game rather


such ignorant behavior won’t be tolerated and can be answered with a rescue (leap of faith) on his burst cd, after that zugzug will have 1h queue to reflect on that experience


nobody likes healing that dog :poop: mode hence the long queues and it will only get worse from here.


Idk they seem to be evening out the healers and generally reducing damage in the coming patch…
Could make it tolerable at the very least, maybe.

Solo Shuffle as a healer is rather miserable. At this point I only really use it to fill up my vault on my healers. Maybe it’s better at higher ratings for healing but, getting there is such a pain. Summary of problems are:

-It’s very difficult to control the game as a healer. If you have a bad dps that does not use defensives properly and the other dps realize you’ll be hard stuck just having to throw every global to keep them alive.

-If there’s a really good player, or a really bad player that either win or lose every round. You’ll usually get nothing… or you lose rating on a 3/6.

-When you do win you get tiny gains, when you lose you lose a ton of rating.

-You will have insults thrown at you fairly often. Even when things are obviously not your fault you will still get blamed.

This is night and day compared to doing it as a dps. Sure the que is stupidly long. But you can do much more to control the game, even if you don’t win that many you usually get a decent amount of rating. Resto shaman and disc priest? I’m not sure how much time I spent trying to get them to 1.8. Ret paladin? Hit 70 and got 1.8 in less then a week.


u get dps 2.1 on 1-2 day with 60-90 played

heals i cant even bother other than vault its designed insanely unfun to heal

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trying cap alts vault quickly on healer and already full tilt watching 4 of the biggest inting apes on two lobbys of all time ive ever seen people in pvp on this game for 18 years

and if u are against another healer who is not a naab which usually is the case because nobody plays a healer for this willingly, anything will happen and you just have no control of the outcome

you cant go positive with random apes feeding if the other healer is not full pve

just random stuff happens then next they realise they can bind something or go on someone who makes sense prio wise

just disable chat, disable chat bubbles, disable mind, go full rage, get it done, then never touch it again as heal till next reset

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Yesterday, I had a Paladin die with Bubble available in the opener while I was sapped and saying “wtf healer???” next round.

Guess I should have trinketed sap.


what are u thinking step bro, u should just line the sap

i just watched rog die 2 rounds on my team with vanish, cloak, evasion never go on cd

then next round the guy goes full assasin on me doing his pve and i get absolute zero help from team who are hitting a disc priest riding on glad mount other side map and then trying kill him on dome

while i tank assa and arms alone as rsham, then i tilt cause I know now the feeding full ape rogue who never learnt pvp will get 1 win from me

your achievements are from 2010 stop naming yourself as a 2700 player that is really cringe.

its not? you have 500 rounds and you are sitting at 1500cr thats not because of your rdruid being bad lol.

you did not?


I love people like you that dismiss any achievements others have made. How is his rating from another season irrelevant? It just shows he has the understanding and skill to get to high ratings, it doesn’t matter when it was. He can do it whenever he wants to, again.

So by your logic, which timeframe are people allowed to call themself high rated? Only the current season? Last two seasons? Last expansion?

Just an example… when I had to compare a 2400 rated player from Shadowlands Season 2 which was absolutly inflated where everybody and their mother got 2400+ to someone who had 2400 rating in like TBC (og TBC) where 2400 was easy rank 1 on many realm pools back in the day.

I take the TBC rated player any day because I have seen more than enough so called “Glads” from SL Season 2 on their stupid mount and playing like they are a 1200 rated player, which they are… most of them never achieved anything before that season in SL and when I take a look at them, most are stuck on 1400 rating with 1500 shuffle games (lol) I’ve seen more than enough of those.

I bet any dd would rather wait longer in the queue than face this horror

and i would rather wait longer on heal to get people who actually pvp instead fresh from pve for mode which on their own words “now i can finally learn to pvp”

the average skill level skyrocketed in the last 13 years. You could get gladiator or rank 1 by clicking your spells in TBC/Wotlk and the game is completely different from what we play now.
Experience from 2009/1010 is just totally irrelevant.
Just look at some pvp videos from back then. People were horrible even at top ratings.

Besides that everything he said in his posts were lies lol and thats even more cringe.


h ttps://ibb.co/47xZqym

got it done, had to open chat and say some minor strats and what i think is most optimal each round and it seems it affects quite lot on this elo if u play the “pug herder” what for the record i do grimacing :grimacing:

call me elitist but i like to think that as a dps player one would kinda figure out themselves things like which is prios for them and what would be the best target to pressure situationally AS THAT KINDA IS THEIR JOB

my job is to spam heals on every global after global on them in a stupid mode with dumb design, now i need to do their job as dps too?

now i can rest, not touch it till next reset

What is not to love in a random 3v3 where the real deal is that who gets the meta classes/setups and/or has less retards on their team.

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