I wonder how many healers actually like SOLOQ

  1. i had 2500 2v2 every legion season and first season sl and then i quit. 2500 when top1 was 3000. You made ur first and only 2600 when top1 was 3600. Facepalm.

  2. i know how to use check-pvp lol, most my chars are hidden there. I only have open rdru that i dont even try playing cuz its awful and i have to play on US now.

I like how guy like you has audacity to bark lol when u were never in ur life even close to top 0.5%.

Also best part is that my old acc that i stopped playing (had to move to US) that lvl60 sham is alot better than ur useless main with sl glads xd for 2400 when top1 was 3600 ahahaha, well u never had a cutoff glad for a reason :slight_smile:

of course all your achievements are on your old account :wink:
and all your good chars are hidden but your bad ones where you stuck at 1500 after 500 rounds( i dont have a single char with that many rounds lol) are shown.
And your alt dk where you claim to have 2.6k rating? let me guess you have a second dk with that rating right


you legit stuck 1500 after 500 rounds on the best healer in the game and come to the forums and talk. next level cringe


I don’t like arena in general, certified BG hero
I got the elite appearance and will 2 vault going forward (2-4 shuffle queues a week tops)

I think it’s pretty awful. I lost a 1-5 round vs a really really good disc, he really knew what he was doing. After it ended I get spam messaged from an elemental shaman that I’m the worst healer to exist etc etc, should have used my cool-downs etc, I did have every single ability on cool-down but he was dropping dead every 5 seconds.

Pretty miserable gameplay

yes its fun

cant get boosted in soloque :smiley:

healers need to learn to assist on CC while healing.
you might find you will will enjoy soloQ more and gain more wins if you assist.

but obviously the majority of healers just wanna stay at 40 yards and spam cast healing

I don’t understand how you can’t even get 2.1 as a 2700+ xp player i’m 1.5 xp 2s and 2300 SS already as rsham.

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rating flames


Put just to ignore list those players and do not engage in conversation, will save ya tons of nervous. Cos its not all at home there anyway, if raging like that. Its every 3 game some tard like that. I just had 12 honour level noob, raging on me, facetanking palas wings and all other mistakes what new player would do. WHERE are HEALS. heaaaal meee.

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you should try healing SS.
Im kinda aggressive healer, trying to pull off cc chains ect. But in SS have to adapt, and max distance seems the best approach. I had teammate dropped dead from 90% - 0 % before I finished cyclone cast. 1.4 seconds. Will have to somehow find middle ground, as its sooo boring to pve heal. Testing hpriest, better with insta cc, I can assist to my team somehow more ccing

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But i love healing any other form of the game’s content (including regular Arena)

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You cant even gear through it. The fact you get absolutely 0 conquest unless you win 4/6 is spitting in your face

yeah and the vault is fun
 3 weeks in a row the same items but with + leech on them x___X

Versus regular Arena? Yes. I still think the ease of accessibility is a huge boon for Solo Shuffle, and it far outweighs regular Arena and needing to create your own premade team through LFG.

On its own? Not really. I still feel that Arena gameplay in WoW is ultimately a frustrating affair, and it’s likeable only to the degree that it’s relatively easy to cap your Conquest and earn your set through it.

Even if you take only those 3 chars, they are still higher rated than u, silly SL “gladiator”.

But okey, lets assume I lied about everything. So you have my rsham and rdru. 2700 rsham and rdru exp, cant break 1600 on rdru. No problem I guess?

Having tried healing SS for a 100 rounds, I see what people are talking about. Doubt this game mode will survive for long if nothing is changed.

Solo Shuffle replaced Random Battlegrounds for me. The fact that BGs don’t give Vicious Saddles makes them useless when RSS exists.
As healer I like it because queues are fast and I can reliably farm saddles.

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How are the good healers are doing it then, getting up to 3k+? I mean, Lontar is at 3121 as Shaman.

spamming 999999 games obviously. If you think system is fair for healers and doesnt favor dps enjoy then.
Im 100% sure soloq will die. You will get less and less healers :slight_smile: enjoy im done with it, many more will leave it aswell soon. Funniest part is that 2s and 3s are dead aswell. Theres nothing to do in wow anymore, atleast for me, Im not returning bye.

He just had his 2.7k once over 10 years ago and thinks that’s his actual xp, while he was just 1.8k in shadowlands

He did it in 57 games or 342 rounds.

Yes, it will die but for different reasons. It lacks the reason to play it in the first place, people have no reason to even try pushing the rating.