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When standing in a big group sometimes I can’t see how many icicles I have just because there are other players standing on top of me. As such, just wondering if there’s a way to keep track of icicles other than in one’s mind.

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You may download the addon WeakAuras 2 and look around on the internet for the tracker of your icicle buffs.
https://wago.io/search/icicle - quite a few results there, each of them with a screenshot of how the said tracker looks like. Should be able to find something suitable in all of these!


Weakaruas is king. IceHUD is a simpler alternative too.


Since i despise addons in general, i usually just count and keep track of how many frostbolts i’ve cast somewhere at the back if your mind, it applies for any resource generating class/spec. But i assume it depends how good your memory and thinking is, whether you are able to separate thinks in your head, put aside and pick up when situation requires. Each to their own.

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I’ve got a memory like a sieve for things like this ha.

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Also, I may be a bit wrong on that one but… doesn’t the buff list in top-right corner of the screen show one’s icicles and their amount as a buff? Not certain if that’s the case, haven’t touched frost for a while.


That is correct, and this is where all the addons get the information from. Their point is just to make it easier to see on the screen.

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