Idiot wand transmog restriction

I am sure we are many in the same situation:

Just looted 450 wand and 455 offhand. Tried to transmogrify it… Probably going to scrap both and keep my 415 2H staff.

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No, I don’t think we are in the same situation: it would never even cross my mind to keep an item that is 40 ilvls worse just for transmog.

There are a few types of weapons I dislike: 2h mace, crossbow, gun, fist weapon, wand. While there is no problem with most of them, because I can use other weapon types to change them, I truly hate wands, because even artifact weapon does not work on them. I hope they will delete this type of weapon or change the tmog restriction. I myself discard higher ilvl wands.

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Also hate it too. I’ve scrapped a couple wands for the same reason.

I also agree, my hunter always gets a bow or gun, but casters can randomly get a dagger, sword, wand, off hand or staff.
If i currently have a staff and if I dont get another, whatever else I get is useless as you then need 2 items! For casters its a total mess!