Idk who made Solo Shuffle, but they gave up halfway

The point gains is so terrible, the matching is so terrible, the shuffle isnt even shuffling properly, and it just feels bad. You win 4 rounds, which is A LOT in a random matching mode, and you get…11 points. I am usually top dps and even do good healing. Then if you only win 2, you lose 20-30 points, what is this, who made that, its 1 step forward 3 steps back, its so unrewarding. But ofc people been saying this since it released, and they wont do anything to change it. Lazy.

they should made it 1 round and so that it doesnt affect negatively on the already existing arena formats as the game simply does not have enough playerbase for pvp to divide population for different brackets which simply cannot coexist with current rating system unless they change it % based achievements again

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