If blizzard knows it's going to 5 new realms on the 26th, why not just do it now?

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I am not sure if the same happens in the USA, but usually, the people who work in software companies go home at noon on Fridays, they don’t work on Friday afternoon.

In my company we stop working at 15:00AM but I work in Europe, I am not sure about USA


work from 9 to 5 here so 2 hours more but even despite that, knowing the news came in at 3 AM(!!!), that’s a whole work day they could’ve brought the servers online yet didn’t there must be a reason behind it imo

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Even with that you have to keep in mind that big companies have a big bureaucracy for deployments. It is not necessarily the most efficient, in my company is almost impossible to install a deployment the same day, even for urgent corrections.


How do you know they dont have already like 30 servers ready? Just one click from bein online, they just dont tell you cuz u will cry u wanna them now, just let them do their work, u wanna roll on new server? U got date and time when u can. Be glad they said u 3 days before so u can talk to your friends if u have any, they still could make it sneake or just tell everybody “Hey folks we just opened 4 realms like 3hours ago… U already saw that? Go reserve your name”… Stop being in rush, game is gona be released at 27, be glad there isnt gona be 200k players making chars at same time at same server


yeah I know the horrible bureaucracy of having to email 6 different managers to get clearance to use server resources for deployments but it has to be real bad if they need a whole day for 4 servers, on release that’d be an utter nightmare if their deployment process is that hampered so I doubt that’s actually the case here, even with the bureaucracy I had to deal with usually it only delayed deployment by an hour or so while I had to wait for various dudes to answer their mails so its all in writing, I can’t imagine it being worse for blizzard who’s gonna rely on good response times to these kinds of problems from their workers to continue offering their 100% online service


but there not waiting for firemaw to reach full before adding more. There waiting until the 26th. They confirmed there releasing 5 more servers on the 26th link: New WoW Classic Realms Opening Monday, 26 August

So if there going to release them what ever, and it’s definitively happening before the game releases. why not now?

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Because is weekend


Yeah, I just read that they are releasing them before. That’s because people will be flocking to the servers before launch to be ready. They aren’t necessarily waiting now. We would most likely see them filling up the servers now. Also by waiting, the newcomers have an equal chance, with the new servers to choose them now, so that we don’t predestine servers to failure. Just look at these toxic forums. People complaining about everything. Some people actually believe what is being said in these forums as real. It’s mad. Blizzard are doing a good thing here by waiting. if people wanna reroll servers, it will be on equal terms. Until then, any increase in pressure, will probably be added to Firemaw. (as it’s a cool AF name)


that is the most plausible explanation i’ve heard so far, although it does make me sad that they can’t put the time in to do this today. I mean you’d think on monday they really want to devote there energies towards launch day, instead of setting up new servers.


People didn’t pay money to get early reservations. People paid money to subscribe to retail wow, and Blizzard was kind enough to open classic servers two weeks ahead of time in order for people to create characters.


Firemaw is HIGH already.

It went from low in the morning to HIGH right now. Only a matter of time before it gets full probably tommorow afternoon.

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Of course they can’t put the time in to do this today, workers have more important things in the weekend to do instead of allowing you create your characters, like being with their families, have leisure time, rest, etc. You can wait until Monday.

Precisely for that reason the maintenance, patches, launches occur Tuesdays or Wednesdays, to avoid working on weekend.


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Firemaw was medium on its release day, u wanna tell me its pop droped to low and increased to high today? Also, how many of those people are new, unique accounts that got no char on any other pvp realm? All those pops are just messed, imagine u have 3 servers, each with 30k cap, and also u got 30k players and 3 names for reservstion, so each one make 1 char on 1 realm, now there are 3 servers with potentionaly 30k chars, but in realoty there is only 30k players for 90k on 3 servers, so they mark servers as high or full, but what will happens in reality? 1 full realm 2 dead, 1 high 2 medium? 3 low? 2 high 1 dead? Thats what happening now, on 13 august x% of players created char km xy server, those players caped those servers, they created new and new, and those same players capoed those servers too, if some1 didnt pay for name on 13 august they wont pay it on 15, thats why they wait till 26


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My country already have a socialist party in the government, but wow forum is the last place when I want to talk about politics.

Anyway I dont know what relation there is between comunist and not working 7 days a week, probably you dont work 7 days a week too


In my line of work, we work 16 hours a day and only 12 hours a day on Saturday and Sunday.

In addition, when at port we have to stay awake for up to 30 hours straight working.

I am a Merchant Marine.

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Well, maybe you should have studied more to have a better life

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Thats an incredibly crappy thing to say and I’m guessing you’re already regretting it? And if you arent, then you should


You are almost certainly right about patch days being on weekdays, as this is when most people are working.
Even so i have to imagine they have quite a lot of people capable of working on server issues even on weekends. Otherwise if there was a problem on the weekend blizzard would just say wait till Monday for a fix, which they almost never do.
Sure it might cost them more, but i’m pretty sure they could do it if they really wanted to.