If blizzard knows it's going to 5 new realms on the 26th, why not just do it now?


Maybe you should stop being lazy and get back to work.

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Well, he is the one who started, I dont like people who are proud of working too much and want others to feel bad because they do not have misserable working hours


I really can’t believe you just said that#
especially given his line of work


Because, last time they added new realms, not very much people changed.
One reason is that it was announced very shortly before the realms went up (guilds/groups couldn’t discuss it in that time). So this time they announce it days beforehand, hopefully leading to more people changing their realm.

Nonetheless, they probably need to add some more realms on tuesday. I’m pretty sure the people already reserving their names are just the tip of the iceberg and that many more will join classic (at least for a few weeks, but that’s again another problem…)

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Totally agree with what you say. Blizz arent stupid and I’m very sure there is some method to their ‘madness’ even if we dont see it straight away

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I don’t want to be devil’s advocate but I do believe who waited till Classic’s release but not subscribed on the “name reservation” has started to subscribe since after the weekend will be really long queues even on the website or to download the game.

That’s the main reason Blizzard opened a couple more servers . As soon as current existing servers are full, I do believe they will open these servers early and not wait till 26th. They are just trying to show , they are ready to open new servers as soon as they are filled up.

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I’m not sure I see the logic in waiting either. I get that they are opening more and removing the limit but why leave it until the last minute.

I guess it means they’ve lived up to the name reservation offer.

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I guess its a just in case mechanism


That would be a BIIIIG F.U. to guilds tho… (LOL the build in f.u emote is not allowed :rofl:)


why is this an issue for guilds? you cannot discuss moving while name reservation is open? you need to all decide and agree before the server opens for name registration?


We might get a new server cus all pvp servers full


please read up in post. it’s already confirmed were getting 4 new pvp servers on the 26th. that’s what this entire thread is about
link: New WoW Classic Realms Opening Monday, 26 August


Not to mention they Open 3 hours before launch. Seems abit weird to do that so insanely close to the time everyone will just be checking the character screen til Enter World lights up from 12 AM for EU people.


Many people get realy emotional when it comes to their names… Just sayin’


well I’m not saying they should work during weekends that’s absurd, people died for the right to have the weekend off work, just saying there are other reasons besides them not working as I doubt they didn’t have the time to bring the servers online when the news came in at 3 AM in the morning, either they needed more physical hardware (I doubt that) or there’s another reason they’ve not brought them online yet, I think it’s to let people who haven’t subbed yet and won’t sub until so close to release it might as well already be out a chance at their names.


Atleast 1 should be opened for people that want to leave the full realms already
( since firemaw is atready at high ), and open for eveyone the 10 character name selection

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You are just quoting “a part” of my sentence and ignoring the rest. There was a “if/when” at the sentence’s start which referring to “current existing servers are full” means guilds are already have choose where to play and opening new servers will not have any impact on them.


Classicast, developers stated, on the new system, making new systems are easy.

The key reason they are likely doing this is that people who are waiting for official day of release will be subscribing. This will allow them to see better and more accurate numbers. If they see large influx of subscribers, they will add more.


so you now what people pay for? woah, play the lottery man you will be rich

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