If nobody likes anything

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Here it is! Post who you are and what you like, and make some like-minded friends!


Thank you very much my friend :slight_smile:

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Once again, for those of you just tuning in…

  • The WoW community has been toxic because Blizzard fans were toxic before WoW existed.

  • Blizzard fans were never known for their great ability to be well-behaved in an online environment. In fact, they are probably one of the most abusive, uncivil gaming communities. If you found the first WoW forum, you would know that.

  • But you’re level 27 with multiple accounts. That sentence doesn’t compliment your previous dissever of text above it. For more reasons than one.

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Can you explain the last part?

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I mean…that’s kinda the point, they took away a lot of what made classes fun or more enjoyable to begin with.

Most of my characters are now less adequate at getting their job done than what they were 8 years ago. Especially when it comes to how they get that job done rather than numbers alone.

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And most of them just feel less fun to play, especially in a PvP environment where a lot of the utility was used and not simply seen as keybind clutter.
In addition it also has lost a significant portion of its RPG elements.

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  • Having a high level is irrelevant to his complaint.
  • Having a high level doesn’t nullify nor promote any of the previous complaint.
  • Having a high level means ??? to a subject which doesn’t require a high level since he is complaining about people complaining. Is this complaining? Feels like a complaint but masked in a semi-witty text to a level 27 cow. Cow.
  • Etc.

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Ok got it.

It was irrelevant to the post, i agree.But i think he used in a different way, not to make his point more relevant.


Well, just let it be, didn’t intend to start a war…

Just wanted to know if there’s still a few helpful people left in this game that’s all

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Yes it does, it shows how much time you spent in the game. The complaints people have are valid. The forum is full of people trying to discredit complaints about various topics by saying “they are just toxic”.
What people are complaining about has a real basis, for example masterloot where some people were trying to belittle the people by saying things like “i never used masterloot, why do you care?”. Clearly those guys dont have a clue about the cons and pros of masterloot/personal loot. And taking their raid progression as a measure for their experience with masterloot is a reliable way to asess how much they really know about the topic.

Every single class has been pruned in bfa, every class has lost something so naturally there are a lot of people unhappy with the bandaid fixes they got and their boring gameplay. Furthermore people who only scrape the surface may not see the imperfections when you dive deeper into the gameplay.

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No its not, having a high level shows you have some experience with the game. A lot of the complaints about the game, class or blizzard have a solid basis. So when people try to discredit complaints belittleing them as toxic or saying “why do you care” its most of the time because they dont understand whats wrong with the specc or dont want to.
So if you complain about people complaining saying that their complaints are not valid, you would have to able to say WHY they arent on a case to case basis.
All the specc got pruned after legion, every class is missing a lot of what it once had. So people are understandably unhappy with the classes and are often describing why in detail and offering solutions even.
So toxic or not doesnt matter casue thats objective, what matters is if its reasonable or justified factically.

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There are. I’ve made some lovely friends via the game and the forums.


So it is now toxic to complain about how gutted classes feel with a myriad of abilities removed?

The only people happy with losing abilities are those who didn’t know how to prioritise them.


Not saying people are toxic because of they are complaining about their class on the fotums, never did so, I strongly recommend them to give feedback on the forums, I find them toxic in game, for kicking classes they find bad out of dungeons and raids for example.

And the thing on the forums is, when one wants to find feedback on the forums about which class they can play, all they see is bad reviews, so they can better choose the class they are most attractive to. That’s the only thing I wanted to say about that. No hard feelings at all

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The simple fix is to not read the forums etc. The people enjoying the game are generally just playing it. I only come here for the drama and occasional help-out.

As for the 120 thing, you can just boost so it shows nothing and the forums have been weird since the change over. I was stuck as a level 114 Rogue for ages even though she reached 120 and definitely wasn’t my main, so not it matters diddly squat.


You can make friends when Classic WoW comes out, this BFA stuff is hard to have fun in that’s why people mass quit

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You are picking straws right now.

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Yes it does, it shows how much time you spent in the game.

I said “his” complaint.

Not everyone and/or every post on the forum.

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Only PvP rogues are are crying on the rogue forums because, like every expansion, they’ve been gradually nerfed into the ground. Everybody else is just enjoying being the best melee class in the game.

And nothing is slowly getting “toxic”. Get that piece of sh*t buzzword out of here. It doesn’t even have a meaning anymore because it’s been so overused

People have been whining about their classes since the dawn of time. This is nothing new. The satisfied players are too busy playing their class to come to the forums to tell everybody how good of a time their are having, so obviously you will see more negativity with the occasional satisfied player telling the whiners to L2P.

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