If Shadowlands is next , bring him back plz !

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If a character deserves a comeback because he was treated like garbage with no justification then that is Kael’thas Sunstrider.

What a freakyn waste and dumpster fire was TBC lore.

Problem is as much as i want Kael’thas to return and be treated properly how on earth would that even happen. He didn’t get ruined once ( Tempest Keep ) but twice ( Magister’s Terrace ) , we even chopped off his head for a quest.

Yea i…well…nevermind…


Actually he was ruined a third time in the Illidan novel when he got the blame for Illidan becoming paranoid and more evil in his actions cuz he was suspicious of Kael maybe betraying him to the Legion, which sparked him to act tyrannical to Outlands natives. Blizzard really seems to hate Kael. Or WIlliam King. One of them.

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Wait is that real ?

So Blizz put more blame on Kael’thas just to put Illidan in a better spotlight ?



It is. Sad but true. I barley saw a character being done this much injustice since Jean Grey in the 3rd X-Men movie.

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the novel was meant to transition the new Illidan, as in the savior/hero persona from TBC and directly to Legion, as usual Blizzard need foils, and scapegoats for that, Kael took the blow, I remember laughing hard while reading that novel, since the Maiev chapters had more depth and consistency than the main character.

Hey ! Jean is my favorite character :slight_smile: it was indeed horrible what they did to her.

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Rogue will always be best girl from X Men series followed by Psylocke.

But the X men movies were terrible.


Its bad writing to constantly bring back dead characters, wich means they will do it once again. They already did it with illidan


Twice, actually, if you remember how Arthas finished him in WCIII…

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