If WoW 2 ever happens what would you like to see changed/implemented?


I want to see combat totally revamped.
Combat in WoW has never been fun or immersive, if you look to other games like Monster Hunter World and Anthem, they’re 100 times more fun to play. You can still have the spells like in current WoW, but it should feel more powerful and rewarding and mobs should be more “alive” (referring to MHW where they jump around and do all sorts of stuff).

Graphics would obviously need an overhaul.
Even though I like the graphics now, WoW 2 would have to be different.
Someone rebuilt Lakeshire in Unreal Engine 4 and it looks amazing.

Those are my two main things I’d like to see changed.

Edit: 3rd thing I REALLY want to see changed is how raids turn out.
In current WoW you stand on a round platform with the boss barely moving.
Imagine if an encounter happened where the ending would be the whole raid running away because the boss gets too strong or something like that, that would be NEW and exciting.

Maybe you don’t like that specific situation, but the idea is that we need something new. Entering a raid knowing you will kill all of them 99% of the time is just boring.


Tbh new engine or heavily upgraded one (but the same style) + story should be in the focus in every exp/patch.


If they failed to keep a lot of subscribers this expansion why do you think a new game would solve it and players that collected transmogs etc for years would be really sad

(Dottie) #4

I hate to burst your bubble but WoW 2 won’t happen. Blizzards next project will be a different style MMO.


They’ve tried it with the Titan (?) but they were not successful. WoW is the most stable of their games right now, even what some players try to claim, it would be a waste to just abandon it for something with questionable chance of success.

(Scarlyss) #6

I’d like to see what the writing team could come up with on their own. If they came did come up with BFA on their own, which I doubt, WoW 2 be turned into Titan 2.


We don’t need WoW 2 or new MMO. We need The Lost Vikings 3.


Guess that’s a fact now


I would like a world of warcraft that doesnt play like its trying to be diablo 3

(Iceikle) #10

I doubt they will ever make another MMO again. The bottom has long fallen out of the market. The best we can expect is reskinning of the world in current WOW. Which is kinda what has been happening anyway.

(Samkelly) #11

Impossible to make work in an MMO. You’re asking for every patch to be the Witcher 3, and even if it was that’s what we got it only takes about 200-300 hours to max Witcher 3. (Most of which wouldn’t even be proper story based) which considering WoW patches are at least 3 months in between wouldn’t keep people entertained. It would be too much for the devs to do money wise, they’d bleed more then they earned.

(Bubasparks) #12

They really dont need to make 2nd one, they can modify what they have now. I believe even combat can be modified. Thing is they will not do that, since WoW slowly turning in to kinda mobile type of game, where daily energy limit is players time and all they have to do is daily chores…

What i gladly would see, is for them making PvP part of the game in to separate game, with new engine, much better and more flashy combat, with deep customization of characters etc…

(Shumensko) #13

I read somewhere that they used whatever they could from Titan to build Overwatch. The big problem with Titan actually was its ever growing scope.


I just want to feel like it was worth spending money on my PC and not raiding Azshara with like 30fps.


What do you mean ?

If you mean mythic + , remember challenge mode is older than greater rifts

(Darklight) #16

It wasn’t that it was unsuccessful, but rather Activision capitalising on the void left by Quake and the outdatedness of TF2 and CS:GO. With an extremely fast, team-based shooter.

That had, by far, more commercial value than an updated WoW. Evident by Overwatch being their biggest success, far exceeding WoW even at its peak.

It’s not a new thing for developers to start working on something, see potential somewhere else and make a quick buck instead. Just recently Apex Legends was supposed to be Titanfall 3, and it made them a lot of money albeit shortlived.


No LFR, no lfd, no rng loot, no gcd like it is now.


It’ll be cool to make hybrid of themepark and sandbox mmo. New content never makes earlier stuff not revelant, but it increase number of tools to mess with World. History is write by players not by scenario, but developers give oportunity to change the actual state of the world. So we are always need to adapt to new situations. Fighting is important, but professions are just as important. No arbitrary currencies like gold or tokens, unless they are made by players. No arbitrary portals, unless they are made by mages. No magic gear, unless they are made by tailoring/blacksmithing/letherworking and enchanting. More mmorpg, less LoL or DOTA.


They tried that in SWTOR and the greatest strength becomes the greatest weakness once you’ve played through the story.

If the story is what keeps you, you’ll leave once the story is told.

(Shumensko) #20

ff14 is mainly story driven, so that’s false. EA just didn’t want to commit the resources to do it.