If you are going to uncap AOE, do it for everyone and remove limits and soft caps

WW monks spinning crane kick is capped still
Hunters trueshot
Fire mages abilities too

I dont understand why you cant just revert it to legion and balance around that?

if this is an attempt to shift the meta and make people reroll class then nope blizzard, the game is in a state where people rather quit than do that.

Of all the classes you could have complained about, you picked the ones with the most broken AoE…


Whine first test later!

If they revert to legion then the meta will shift anyway, I’m not sure what the intent of this thread is other than to get in first with some preemptive tears.

And yea, moan about ww who are brokenly strong atm.


Clearly a troll OP post but i’ll throw my opinion down. They need to remove the cap for all spec and classes.

I’m hoping that list they put out is a first draft.

Affliction and Destro need some love too.

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because it would require them to completly retune all content mid patch to ensure that people who run +20 dont suddenly start runing +30 on next reset :slight_smile:

that said its a very good change that my BM hunter will benefit from greatly :stuck_out_tongue: until lthey inevitably nerf beast cleave :stuck_out_tongue:

M+ is the reason for the AoE cap. The game is in part designed around making M+ fun to spectate. M+ is nothing but an e-sport and capping AoE forces competitors to use more elaborate strategies, which results in more interesting spectating experience.

Remove M+, turn WoW into an RPG again and the AoE cap has no reason to exist.

Well with them pushing testing on the PTR for the numbers and stuff we will definitely see, they seem to be taking a lot of feedback seriously and implementing changes quickly. Honestly I’m kind of excited to play retail and see if playing my chars feel fun again when these changes hit live.

THEY DID NOT UNCAP AOE. They explicitly say it has a limit of 5 targets in those spells (in terms of total damage (“soft-cap”)). This is almost entirely the fault of youtubers; they clickbait with nonsense; I just saw a “UNCAPPED AOE!11?? WOWW!1!!1!!1!1… one”.

What’s capped on aff and destro?

Get help… seriously.

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Idk if thats a good change man. AoE cap needed to go but for the love of god if its removed it need ALOT…and i nean A F TON of tuning…which wont happend imho.

How I as sp am going to compete in m+ or even get an invite? My class doesnt provide anything uselfull with very mediocore aoe on top (capped at 20)… already getting outdanaged by 5 capped classes like ww and wars…

How are classes like sp going to compete if hard capped classes already dominating damage charts…ffs.

Seed of Corruption for Afflic

Rain of Fire and Cataclysm for Destro.

Instead of spamming vile personal attacks or threats, bring some arguments. They explicitly say on the blue post that all the spells they list are soft-capped but you choose to believe the youtuber clickbaiters I guess.

I don’t see what you’re getting at. Affli AoE with Seed is insane and Destro in CDs can burst a ton as well, unless you mean a buff to rain of fire so it’s better outside of Rain of Chaos windows.

Or you’re trolling me as well and I’m just getting the hint.

I didn’t watch a single video on the matter. That’s what you assume because you’re obsessed with hating them.

And I’m sorry. I didn’t realize “get help” is considered a “vile personal attack” or even a threat. I’m just genuinely concerned for your mental health at this point.

All 3 of those abilities were already at the soft cap of 20.

Soft cap of 20 was introduced in MoP or something iirc.

Keep spamming personal attacks, it’s still not an argument. I guess you are incapable to read a blue post if you didn’t use the clickbaiters because it explicitly says on the top that all the spells are soft capped.

This isn’t a troll. I’m stating that Rain of Fire should damage all targets and not be soft capped at 20 same for Cataclysm.

If some classes are having thier soft cap removed it should be done for the rest of the dps classes.

Also with Expeditions being made solo this is gonna gimp said classes.

OK some people are incapable of reading a blue post or/and they are fooled by the trash youtubers that clickbait. THEY DID NOT FULLY UNCAP ANYTHING. They explicitly say at the top of the post that all the spells have a soft cap.

You need to calm down and read my post.