If you are going to uncap AOE, do it for everyone and remove limits and soft caps

they were for sure fun to watch

but i already dread what kind of idiotic pulls will be tanks doing in +20 - and how many keys will break because of it.

its not like people will suddenly start doing tripple the dps -_-

and if people are expecting this ? oh boy they will be so dissapointed

tank survival is one thing

how many casts will be going off if tanks pull a lot …

i think people forget how differently designed mobs in dungeons are this time - as they were designed aroudn people pulling 5-8 max -_-

initial pull o soa is hard enough to survive if group is bad - and you have what ? 9 mobs there ?

groups will get … by not interupted casts going off

want to see how it feel like ? do a test - pull 7 initial packs in hoa and survive (4 starting ones + 3 on left ) - even on +10.

They’re not going to do triple the dps, but they sure will do more and the pulls will grow. There are places were you can’t due to interrupts, but in many others there is little to nothing to kick and tank survival is mostly about kiting and not get debuffed by mobs, so expect to see things going more in the direction of bfa 2.0

The two things go togheter, you need to consider the aoe cap when balancing and viceversa, they are not two sterile things that don’t interact.

If you have ability A uncapped that does X dmg you can’t tune up ability B that is capped to do the same overall dmg, because to keep up with A scaling with targets, B should do ludicrous dmg to the point of being a balance issue when used on a small amount of targets.
And on the opposite side, if B dmg is your target, you can tune A to do the same dmg over a lot of targets, but at that point, A will be undertuned when the target pool is limited.

The aoe cap is definetly no fun, but it can work as it is when you have an unequal distribution of the cap between classes and specs.

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