If you had 30 seconds to ask a lore question at Blizzcon what would you ask?


Look what i found.

So if you could ask one lore question at blizzcon(and we know there just going to be vague)
What would it be?

Mine would be:
How do you see the alliance.

I am most interest to see what kind of excuees they come up with.
Because i am 99.99% sure it is something entirely different then what the players see in the alliance.

(Zarao) #2

Is BfA some late April Fool’s joke?

EDIT: Nah, but for real. If i had to ask some genuine question, i’d probably ask if there are any plans on developing the Horde story once this expansion is over.

I know its some pretty biased question, but regardless of how bad the Alliance story is having it (quite bad for certain races), its painfully apparent that the non-stop tendency of cyclical civil war/neglect that the Horde is going over, has left the faction with quite a depleted cast of characters able to give any kind of continuation to the factions story.

Another issue i can think of, is if they are genuinely planning to get the Alliance out of Anduins big shadow and start developing more the rest of Alliance races without his influence. This sounds forced, but its true.
At this point, i have no clue what the Alliance story is beyond Anduin and Jaina.

These are my genuine questions…that would probably be left at the door for someone that instead asked some other “relevant” issue like who is Anduin going to date in the future, or if they are going to allow solo-queue in pvp.

(Araphant) #3

“Why didn’t the Alliance bring gas masks or any sort of precaution to the Blight Capital, despite being perfectly aware who they are fighting against?”

Basically: “Am I a joke to you?”


Why did you kill Varian Wrynn?


Why didn’t more alliance leaders and characters die just yet?


When the night elves will have their race rebuilt


When are you going to stop letting interns make all the writing decisions?


“Do you think shifting your story-telling focus from the player-character and his adventures to mainly taking part in the adventures of other characters like Jaina, Saurfang, Anduin etc. worked out well?”

A bit of a leading question, I know, but I can’t be bothered to make it a less obvious trap right now…

“Why the heck didn’t you think it necessary to have any kind of transition between the Champion being the leader of an order to safe the world, and him being an Officer serving his faction?”

Would be nice, too. I’m sure there are less obvious variants of these questions that could be asked…


Why did you ruin Sylvanas?



Why do you make so many neutral characters when everyone just hates them?

(Cyrisela) #11

Why did you ruin lore*

Or why did you make garrosh a villain.

(Cyrisela) #12

Best Answer ive seen so far


What’s the point of BfA is my first question, why the Night Elves joined the Forsaken (or Sylvanas) would be my second question, my third question would be why we have a pacifistic boy king as warchief… I mean high king?


Why can’t blizzard stop killing and evil batting horde personalities.


I swear to God, if there’s another useless question like that Gallywix’s question last year…


Well, I haven’t heard people claiming the goblin cannon would be fired against Stormwind soon in a while…

(Cyrisela) #17

Good. Gets rid of Anuin(id hope but who im i kidding they would never harm Anduin) gets rid of human/SW focus and Ironforge goes back to being the alliance capital.
and the golbins make a big swim resort in the crater or something.


Okay so,
Why on earth did you think it was a good idea to let BfA happen?

Also (edit) I’m still curious about this - Did you expect such a reaction that the whole burning of Teldrassil got? Cause boi


“Why did you destroyed the lore you had in war3 since the first exp?”

(Cyrisela) #20

When are you going to get new writers who care about concistency?