I'll keep it short: is there any intention of fixing PVP?

No judgement if not, I’d just like to know (and frankly as a paying customer, I’d say rightly so) whether current expansion of World of Warcraft is an end-of-life product, since it is not marketed as such?

blizzard could never fix pvp. People will always complain.

We have a really solid pvp expansion, id argue the best we had in the few years by quite a margin and people still complain about the weirdest stuff all the time often demanding things that are completely contrary to each other.

One guy wants soloq, another one wants it removed.

One guy says classes like dh are too easy to play another topic is about classes have too many buttons are not beginner friendly.

One guy cries about people rerolling to fotm and blaming fast gearing while another topic praises this gearing system.

I could list tons of examples…


finally someone said it

The game has historically always been a balancing dumpsterfire.

I wish the gap between S tier and even A tier wasnt as big as it currently is. If there was say a 5% performance difference i think most would be fine with it but in WoW the difference is like 40% of pure damage between an A and an S tier.

There are however further problems with this. Take certain casters for example warlock, on its own its not all that big of a problem, but the moment his frostmage buddy joins the que it becomes super strong. We can also look at frost dk, its viable with a niche devoker comp n terrible at everything else, but if we buff it to be universally good its going to be absolutely unstoppable with its main comps.

There honestly isnt even a solution to any of this. One thing i´d really like would be if the game moved away from mandatory teamcomps abit.

I enjoy arena when i can play with freinds n have a good time, i´ll uninstall the game n delete my account before using LFG however but due to how arena is designed you either play an S tier comp with an S tier spec or dont bother at all n the odds of my freinds playing classes n specs to allow for a viable comp without anyone having to reroll is slim to none.

The WoW playerbase are also infamously whiney where everyones biased as hell, best season? 10.07 of course! said the ret, no you´re wrong. the best patch ever was start of season 2 where apocalypse globalled people says the DK n so on.

So yeah, in a perfect world from my perspective it´d be a world where i can play virtually any comp with my freinds where we can all use our favorite specs n still be viable n th difference between top performers n low performing classes n specs would be about 5-10% tops. I would also like CC to be overhauled across the board to make it less obnoxious n in the same swoop design it less around teamcomps n more about player agency.

no intentions i would say. :pensive:

Name the MMOrpg with balanced PvP. Billion of skills, nonstop patches, stat increase with each patch, new skills, talents added, taken away. A lot of external factors as BG’s, PVE. Maybe if team of people 24/7 would do only arena balancing nonstop. Maybe then could be better then now, or in future AI will assist with calculations ect.Its cost too much and still players would moan its not balanced.
Btw I think its atm okeyish balanced, not only all classes are viable, but almost all specs. We play class, if your spec is so bad switch spec. Example if disc is bad switch to holy or shadow.

Metin2 10/char

What exactly needs to be fixed? Be more clear.

Never played it, first google search shows - game need balancing :d
I would be surprised if any mmorpg pvp game would be balanced. Even moba players moaning about balance with their + - 4 skills.

haha, was a joke, yeah this game is terrible

i think there isnt a mmo what is really balanced, and even worse than wow

i think the only mmo what can come close to wow, or is maybe better balanced? is guild wars2 i think

a 100% balance when it comes to complex games like this is anyway impossible, and a game dont have to be completey balanced, it just have to be fun

for example, feral Gameplay with wild Attunement is for the feral, and also for the opponent annoying, and forces toxic/bad Gameplay

if every class feels “good” to play, this game will be more fun for everyone, or if there is a reduced cap to S+ classes and B tier classes

if a streamer makes a tier list, it´s most likely that u will see s tier classes in 15 of overall 20 arena games, then some A tier classes, and classes in the B tier category are already a myth and just bad.

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The only way to “fix” PvP is to separate it better with PvE

Prune talents and spells from PvP only, make it simpler, remove triple DR, prune CC spells from certain specs

As a certain R1 streamer said it a few days ago:

“PvP used to be about reaching the point where you checkmate your opponent. Now it’s about infinite micro CC and outs for every situation, with an infinite rotation of CDs to stay alive”

He was talking about attempting to kill a good Mage player as a melee, and people were arguing that he is complaining about not having 100% uptime against a caster. It’s not about wanting 100% uptime. It’s about knowing that at a certain point and a certain amount of CDs used and a certain amount of mistakes the person will be killed. That doesn’t really happen.

The infinite rotation of annoyance is causing many players to quit or go to PvE.

So you get to watch things like Joefernandes, former Blizzcon champion Warrior (not the R1 person I’m quoting above), get absolutely humilated by the design of some complete noname Mage player. There is no outplay here. Just pray you reach eventually and somehow the guy dies in your 3 second stun or your teammate wins for you. Back in the day, Mage countered Warrior, but at a certain point the guy ran out of blinks and CC and kiting and would die if too many mistakes happened. This doesn’t happen anymore.

The game isn’t about playing good and outplaying anymore. It’s about how many answers you have vs whatever you’re facing.

So on my Priest I’m healing a Shuffle, I’m turning around so the enemy Rogue can’t Gouge me (yes, you cannot get Gouged if you aren’t facing the Rogue frontally, most people don’t use this fact) he tries for 3 seconds and can’t, then I fade his Kidney shot (doing all this while healing) and yet, I then get Blinded.

So it’s basically impossible to outplay bad design in a lot of scenarios.