iLvl ceiling at 340 for casuals


I have levelled many characters to 120 and noticed that after many weeks of LFRs and WQs my gear is around 338-342 for all my characters. The next LFR tier requires iLvl 350 which is too hard to reach for casual players. Whereas there is a clear progression path for fresh 120s this path is cut, abruptly at iLvl 340.

For example a fresh 120 does heroics which drop 325+ gear. He can also buy plenty of crafted gear at 340. Finally he can also chase WQs that drop anything from 320 to 340. Occasionally there is a weekly quest that gives one item 350+. This lets him into LFR which drops 340 and this is where this casual player’s progress stops.

In the past LFR would drop much more Warforged and Titanforged gear, and that also helped with progression for casuals. However I have also noticed that across my 10 or so characters, I have dozens of 340 pieces but very few, if any, Warforged/Titanforged.

I know there are some WoW players that dislike game features aimed towards casual players, however I think Blizzard is right in catering for such players. After all they pay the same subscription that keeps the game alive as everyone else.

iLvl 340 is a sticky point

Don’t forget the warfront quests with 370/385 gear. Sure will take weeks but it does help a lot. I haven’t even raided or done mythic+ on most of my toons and easily have 350 gear. 368 is my highest. It is possible.

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I’m loathed to call people trolls - but this ending was just too perfect.
This will not end well.

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Hold on if people are complaining about not being able to enter the next LFR they need to re-consider if they have time to even play a MMORPG or how much time they waste to miss out on so much free heroic uldir equivalent gear., gearing in this game is a joke given the rotation between warfronts and the world bosses all providing access to 350+ gear atleast one item without doing any real work for it. This really better be a troll thread cause its actually pathetic if people are going to start moaning about un-able to obtain 350 despite getting all the welfare epics in the world. -there is no competitive edge required to get atleast 370 ilvl in current game through the means of playing casually.


I think some of you need to stop the bs with « eww casuals !! /spit » especially now with the state of the game.

Having easier access to gear, now what is the issue there outside of dungeons and open world with ilvl scaling ? Do you see many casuals doing Mythic raids? I don’t. Now instead of being nasty short-sighted crybabies try to be more understandable and reasonable.

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This isn’t about doing mythic raids this is people complaining about catch up mechanics being lack luster when there is so many in the game I’ve kitted out all my alts to heroic uldir standard with them without doing any +10’s or actual raiding, its a sad joke to hear people cry about trivial Ilvl requirements. Casuals literally can blend in with people who do heroic/other high end content because of the pety/sheer amount of welfare epics you get at the current activities in-game


Maybe I am doing something wrong so please tell me. I have 10 characters and they all are between 338-343. My main source of gear is crafted on the AH, and the LFR. If 350+ gear were so common I would then have say 5 characters at 350 or better. But I do not even have one toon > 345 , even with darkmoon trinkets and the odd 350 item from a weekly quest. Heroic Uldir gear is 370+ and there is no “free” equivalent. If there is please let me know where to get it from so easily.

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Do the warfronts when their up you literally only need to do the entry quests to trigger the quest for the 100 war resources, world bosses (pick up re-roll tokens. Doing the darkshore/arathi bosses when you can gives 370-385 if it does drop.)to the regular world boss too,Time walking dungeons are easier than heroics and grant normal uldir gear at the end of the weekly quest(350) for doing the 5 dungeons and award usually 335-345 pieces from the dungeon themselves, the BFA Weekly quest is the best one as it justifies doing just normal mythics as regular loot drops + you get a heroic raid piece from the weekly quest then too. But it doesn’t matter anyway cause when the new raid rolls in all the gear in regular mythics, M+, PVP etc is gonna be bumped up ferociously like in Legion

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I was 338 on my Tauren drood, i did the Warfronts quest

Got to 338 to 346

Did a few Invasion / Emissaries and now i’m 356.

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Do Warfronts for a guaranteed 370 (Arathi) or 385 (Darkshore) each time they’re up.

Do the weekly world boss with a bonus roll for a really good chance at 360+.


Actually Vulrin, seeing your last reply stating that you kitted out your toons with Heroic Uldir so “casually”… I must say this is the most moronic statement ever. We did Heroic Uldir the other day, more than half the raid were 370+ and it was damn hard and we stopped at Mythrax. The only way you found Heroic Uldir “easy” at level 340 is if you were carried…

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I’ve not done the raid on my alts, their the item level equivalent of what the raid drops if not higher. I have curve, hence no reason to clear it. Cause of welfare epics if you read it carefully


I’m 364 with my main. No LFR and very few dungs. Warfronts is da sh1t.

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I have several items that came from emissaries that are 375. One piece even wf’ed to 390.
Haven’t raided yet this exp and only did a handful m+ with my guild.

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Last time someone was sharing cake I think? Are you here again? This gonna be gud.

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This is completely untrue, with the amount of titanforging and the warfronts, world bosses and assaults you’ll get much higher ilvl than 340 … Then you have the BOEs you can buy off the AH.



all u have to do is, few warfronts anad world quests and you get 370 and 385 pieces thrown at you what are you talking about?


Not “wrong”, exactly, but maybe you aren’t doing enough of the most profitable things.

You get high rewards from:

  1. Warfronts. The quest, of course, but also fill in weak slots and pull the slot machine handle for upgrades by repeating the warfront multiple times.
  2. Warfront area world quests
  3. World Bosses (not great drop rate tho)
  4. The 8.1 Invasions/Assaults
  5. Emissaries when there is a gear reward

My alt who has done literally no dungeons, except a couple of Normals for quests, no LFR, no raids, no PvP, only a few Islands (not that they give gear anyhow) and shamefully skimps on Emissaries as well - basically, he sits on the shelf apart from collecting Pet Charms and doing the Warfront when up - is at 368.

You say you have levelled many character to 120. I wonder whether you are spreading yourself a bit thin? Perhaps if you focused on one character more?

At any rate:

  1. Never miss a Warfront quest.
  2. If a character has slots below 340, keep grinding Warfronts to fill the gaps. You can repeat a Warfront without the quest for as long as it’s up, and you will get a 340 each time.
  3. Do each WB each week, and especially the Warfront area World Bosses. Seals are optional, but you can make resources easily enough from the Warfront area quests when they’re available.
  4. Do every Invasion you see and every Emissary that gives gear.

On the systematic issue, Blizzard undertake to deliver characters ready to enter the current Normal raid from casual content. This is so that guilds can recruit and alts of guild members can come up without requiring raiders to go back abd boost new characters.

For Uldir “ready to enter the current Normal raid” meant 340. That was effectively the stained-glass ceiling for “casuals”, in the sense you mean. 340 gear was easy to get and plentiful.

For Dazar’alor, they seem to be increasing that to 360 or 370, so I would expect new sources of gear from world content to become available soon.


I haven’t touched a BfA dungeon or raid, and I’m 361 ilvl. I haven’t spent a penny on the AH, either. I’ve been pretty tied up getting flying for Legion and the allied races, as I missed a lot of Legion.

It really isn’t hard at all, I could have been much higher if I put my mind to it.

Have a look at this, then get started:

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So basically ‘give me gear other people worked for for free because I pay as much as they do’

Also my Hunter I only gather on was 350 early in BfA by doing whatever I wasnt even paying attention

The thing is its fine if youre a casual player but when you think youre entitled Heroic raid or Mythic raid which is content NOT targeted at casuals but specifically for the non casuals then we have a problem

So its not that people hate casual content being created, let it come
The problem is people demanding hardcore rewards for casual gameplay as if they dont believe the hardcore players investment is worth anything in this game

I get that 8.1 pre-raid is basically catchup but 385 from a warfront Comes with mixed feelings, Gear is already to readily available and hardcore players deserve something that sets them apart otherwise why are they even doing it?

You have LFR, which is the raid dumbed down, ofc its not giving better gear then the same raid only infinitely harder