iLvl ceiling at 340 for casuals

(Papudeath) #21

This is a troll from the few glimpses of what I saw, but it’s still pretty funny that you would say this in BfA, the expansion where everything drops you welfare gear. This is the easiest expansion to get mythic level gear without actually doing mythic, ever.


I’m at 349 ilvl and just lvled this one to 120 a week ago. And i really havent done anything besides warfronts and wq with this one.

(Ashon) #23

I think you are skipping some stuff that are giving the higher ilvl gear for you.

  • Timewalking weekly quest rewards you a il 355 item (time consuming to some extend)
  • Mythic0 weekly quest rewards either normal or heroic il item (can take time to find a group unless you have friends/guildies)
  • Warfronts
  • Faction assault is technically free il370 item (I finish one assault in 15 or so minutes so it is not even taking long)

My Demon Hunter that I have done LFR twice, and killed 3 heroic bosses with is ilvl 371 comparison to my monk who has cleared HC Uldir half a dozen times + run 8-10m+ keys with is ilvl380.
I think you just are at loss what to do and prioritise; LFR is not the place to gear up your alts. Warfronts and faction assaults are.

(Hyperkassy) #24

Even though im a casual player and a big fan of titanforge system, i do think that there should be a soft cap on the item gain from LFR and other world quests. Asking for a higher ilvl gear when you dont wanna go in higher ilvl dungeons/m+ is not wise. Getting a TF item from time to time is different from asking to get higher ilvl item from lower ilvl content.


I don’t understand the mindset that everyone needs to have the highest ilvl. I’m pretty casual and so I also don’t really need that high of an ilvl. I could probably get mythic raid ready ilvl in this expansion mind you, but what’s the point? I’m not raiding or pushing keys to 15. If you don’t even wanna do the extreme high end content what’s the point? It’s just a number. I’d much rather have more fun content to do than being led around with easily attainable gear (welfare gear).

(Goresh) #26

iLevel doesn’t bother me too much as a casual, as long as I’m comfortable in the open world anything else is a bonus.

(Shalim) #27

My main (this character) is 383 ilv.

My alt is 372 (11 ilv lower). I have never raided with my alt. I do only warfronts, assaults, weekly quests and emissaries with him.

Still my alt is after one month of playing only 11 ilvs lower than my main, who was apart from raiding heroic Uldir also doing +10 every week.

I would say, that your problem is the fact, that you have so many alts and you never spent enough time on either of them to gear them properly.

Sure, I agree that it takes time to gear. But that is the point of RPG. If it was matter of few days (which in pure /played is), the game would lost its purpose.

I know, that not everybody has time to spent at this game. But if the game development was only situated to please these kinds of people, it would lost fun and interest for those who are dedicated and eager to work towards something. (And I dont mean cosmetic items)

(Mojomane) #28

WTF. There is more welfare gear than ever, for a start of the expansion, the day uldir came out people got 2x 370+ items, without stepping a foot in the raid or m+.

You can even get a guaranteed 385+ item every 2 weeks.
You get a free 370+ item per week, just by doing the warfront, you get a chance at a free 370+/385+ item from the worldboss, once you control the warfront.
You get a free 370+ item every 4(?) weeks from doing 4x mythic dungeons.
You get a free 355+ item every 4(?) weeks from doing 5x timewalking dungeons.
You get a free 355+/370+ item every day from doing incursions.

You aparently don’t even do 3/4 of the stuff that rewards (FREE, in its not hard to get, you can AFK farm them) gear, you’re just entitled.

And clearing the first 5 bosses normal/hc isn’t a challenge either, man up, git gud.

If you would actually do content, apart from leveling, you can be 370+ in 2 IDs, but if you spend 90% of your time leveling and neglect all other toons, don’t complain about not getting gear.

(Lepanto) #29

Dunno mate. I dinged 120 on my hunter yesterday. Did the 5 TW dungeons, Arathi, Darkshore and LFR and he’s 342. If WQs drop me an Azerite headpiece he’ll be 350 today. Just saying

(Hínáta) #30

Warfronts, incursions, weekly quests and world bosses reward about 4 370+ items a week and sometimes more if you’re lucky, try doing that unless you don’t like welfare gear and would like a clear progression curve without feeling hand held.

I agree thou, there isn’t a midway between " Casuals " and " other players " and I feel like blizzard should address that, it’s either wait for welfare gear to bump you up or stay down and never progress.


not sure youre putting in much effort then … the weekly world boss, the arathi and darkshore fronts and the invasions all give a minimum 360

(Hafthor) #32

My dk is 365 without ever entering a raid above lfr, m+ or pvp. Just by doing emissaries warfronts and world bosses. The game is already throwing you free gear everywhere and there is still people complaining it’s not enough? You even get free 385 gladiator gear from just capping conquests now.

Go put some minimum damn effort if you want good gear, and stop using excuses like “i pay the same as others so i deserve the same” or “but i have a life!!!” people like you already ruined this game so please get out.

(Ograshuk) #33

I don’t agree here. There are world bosses (355), warfront bosses and main quests (370, 385 each) and as soon as you crossed a treshold invasions give the rest.

My newest 120, Eleint, is 346 after two weeks.
My other twinks, which i don’t raid and don’t do m+ on, are Fantasma 361, Sureth 365, Sheltata 370. They all got their stuff from world bosses, warfronts and lately invasions.

Basically the catchup-mechanisms are at full steam ahead already to get casuals to Uldir HC level without ever setting foot into a raid, thus being ready for the new raid on nhc.

(Lynlarae) #34

The catchup-mechanisms are at full steam ahead already for casuals. What do you want ilvl 380 ??!!?


Is OP troll or what? People level their alts without doing any hard content to 370ilvl for couple of weeks.

(Trelw) #36

@Skankamonk: As others have noted, you have to actually do content that grants better gear and such content is available, in abundance for you. Judging by your first post, you lack focus. Pushing a single character to 365+ is not hard (it may take a bit of time). Pushing two, five or even ten to 340+ is easy. Just for comparison… I do not have any 120s yet… and once I do, some of them will begin close to or perhaps even above 340.


Sorry, but as someone who has no problems with gear being made easily available to casual players I really feel you are trolling.

Your OP is complaining about LFR gear, yet the next min you are saying that you’er doing Heroic Uldir?

Finally there are so many catch-up mechanics in the game right now between Warfronts, Invasions/Assaults, and Emissary Quests that it boggles belief that you can’t get above 340 gear.

I levelled an alt on the 27th of December and with hardly any work it is now 364ilev, it didn’t even do LFR as I just bought a few 340 PvP pieces off the AH, jumped in a warfront for a 385, and did invasions/assaults.

And sorry but there are several bosses in Heroic Uldir that are easy, and others are not so hard if you make any effort with mechanics.

(Looksmaxxed) #38

My experience with gearing as a first time retail account owner from mid August has been very good.

I’m sitting now at 382 and i have been to Uldir maybe 5 times including the one time for mythic Taloc. I do one weekly m+, earlier at the level range OP is mentioning i was spamming them to gear to 360-ish, i do emissary, warfronts, fill up the conquest bar with some low rated rbg or random bg.

I have gear that would fill three bags and the average ilvl of that gear is probably 370+.
I’m DE-ing everything azerite for residuum, currently sitting at 350 dust i think and i still have so much gear.

Gearing is dead easy. I wish i did more content with ppl to obtain it, to make some friends for the future and doing it with non randoms would probably be more fun too, but i didn’t, it was mainly pugs and 3 guild runs of Uldir.
I don’t have Ghuun kill on any difficulty, i haven’t even been to LFR because by the time someone told me what it is i was already equipping higher ilvl than it rewards.

#edit: i have to say tho, i did learn the class too in all these months. I now pull 15-17k dps in frost.

(Adenorbacchi) #39

you can get guaranteed 370s from the quest when warfronts come up.


Im casual and my druid is 352. Ive done nothing besides wq, warfront and lfr