iLvl ceiling at 340 for casuals

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remember also that power is not synonym of control.
There are a lot of powerful 380ilvl who can’t keep up with DPS or don’t interrupt or don’t know mechanics.
Well Yeah I’m a big boy I’m 380. Mythic 10 first time? why not? I’m 380… key depleted, and you’re all noob because he died.
i don’t think is a good idea dispensing high gear right now to under geared people. As I said, the new mythic will drop 370 and i believe the difficulty increases, but not 2 weeks before where people are still trying to complete the achievement +10 or +15.


I think you meant to say ilvl 370!

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You can get 370 gear from the Arathi warfront and the BFA assaults. You can also get 385 gear from the Darkshore warfront. Some WQ’s also will give you 370 gear once you reach a certain level. You can also get a 395 ring if you save up enough of the new currency in BFA that you can get from doing warfronts, assaults, and quests in either warfront. So there are plenty of chances to get gear for casuals.


If you don’t do raids (not LFR, real Raids) dungeons or any of the ‘real’ endgame content what is the point of gear anyways ? open world Mobs ilvl scale (yet another stupid badly designed system from Blizz) , getting higher gear does not make them easier to kill, High gear makes no difference at all for the content your doing, if anything a lot can be easier to do with lower Ilvls

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I’ve managed ilvl 374 with a grand total of like ten LFR bosses, just need to play the field bud.


“After all they pay the same subscription that keeps the game alive as everyone else”

You pay to play a slot machine too like everybody else, whether you pull the handle or not is something else, try actually playing the content, try actually doing something for a change.

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I only did WQ on most of my chars pre.8.1 and they were 346-357 range. Now they all sit at 368-372. The only things they do is the warfront quest and occassionally a invasion. before pre-8.1 thye would only do emissary if the quarenteed 340 epic was good for their spec. They all did only normal dungeons for Anchor Weed quest, I don’t even got gear from them.

Yes I have two 372 alts and all they did were normal dungeons for a quest (after they got near 350 so useless gear) if needed, all of them refuse to touch neither random HC, mythic dungeons and or LFR. Yet I now have them near or 370 and that 350 pre-8.1.

Edit: 373, yes one the 372s is now 373 bags… Did in total 2 LFR bosss (no gear for Vol’jin quest) and 3 normal dungeons for rep from quest.


Whatever happened to people joining and playing with guilds? To play with people, to gear each other up via raids. Casual guilds running normal, progressing and all that.

Is the casual player now just reliant solely on LFR? Cause if thats the case, I doubt I’d want to pay my sub if that was the content I was seeing.


You’re not a real man until you’ve bla bla bla.

The gatekeeping in this thread is legendary.

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Guilds are struggling at the moment, well some are. The one on my horde alt has been steady going but no one wants to hardcore raid or do mythic dungeons anymore. Most of us are doing older content for mogs, but even in the guild we rely on LFR or LFD because this is the way to get groups faster.

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Indeed :slight_smile: Uldir Mog is really dreadful. 7th legionnaire and honorbound are so… faction related and awesome.
Mythic leather Battle of Dazar’Alor (BDA?) is very well made.
i love transmog. It’s the best thing ever happened to this game.
And finally with (BDA?) we are getting cool interesting mogs. Now if a plate wearer has a triceratops on the shoulder it means only one thing :slight_smile: Mythic. Like it used to be back in the days.

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-Uldir: 16 versions of plates! - I hate the whole tier!
-7th legion: Warfront 370 plate is awesome don’t really care for the rest but that’s personal taste. Weapons are good across the board
-Darkshore: Leather and cloth set rocks, weapons aswell. Not really into the NE plate or mail.

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Plate is the same skin recolored, it’s hard to tell if one is a mythic raider or just a LFR by glancing at him.
I’m glad they differentiate it in BDA.
Now I’m more invested in trying Mythics as i want that triceratops skeleton on my shoulder :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey OP. As others have said it’s not too bad to get geared.

Im 370+ and have done 2 LFR’s and one normal raid (pug). Everything else is warfront and siege stuff + the weekly 40 man world boss. I always made sure I have a loot token for that one. The only mythic dungeon I did was the forced siege.

It can be done as long as you enjoy playing the game.

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That makes me asking myself why I have suffered through many failed M+, Heroic raids, pushing myself and coping with anxiety during sanguine and grievous (which by the way is going to be tomorrow again :frowning: ), try to challenge myself every day… to end up having the same ilvl of a guy who has done 2 LFR and one normal…
It’s not your fault Exris :slight_smile: you’re all right. it’s the system. You know what I mean?

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Yes I do. And to be fair your gear is a little higher than mine is.

It’s not a great ROI on your time tho… and that sucks to be fair to you.


I’ve never done anything harder than LFR or a normal mythic with my main (casual scrub lol), and I am at ilvl 372. Warfronts and the PVP conquest cap (doable with battlegrounds and arena skirmishes as well as world pvp quests ) can give at least 350 gear once a week, and the warfronts give 340 gear with every run. Also, once you go above 340-345 (I am not sure of the exact point) the daily emissary rewards upgrade to around 360 item level azerite armor. Currently the emissaries are giving me 370+ item level equipment (azerite and other equipment).

The best way to level above 340 i.m.o is to do timewalking dungeons. Drops from dungeons are around 345 item level and will give you a boost to the next tier of emissary rewards once you fill up your weakest slots (you can also buy 320 equipment from the vendors). I have about 5 alts that I have done this with.


The slog to 320 is pretty annoying but then suddenly, gear rains upon you. I look forward to the WQs going above 330, I like just upgrading a piece of gear here and there rather than grinding group content. I just wish the minimum ilevel was 300 instead of 295 for WQs.

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ilvl 340 is actually quite high if compared to other expansions where LFR didn’t exist and your only reliable chance of getting gear was going through dungeons/raids


There is no ceiling for casual players, you are just less inclined to gear up as easily as those who play higher levels of content.

As much as I don’t like casual players being looked down upon, you do yourself no favours with this post. You’re looking for ease of gearing when there is enough of it there for you, if you’re not willing to do any of the activities that can help gear you higher than your current gear levels then you have no right to complain.

How many characters are we talking? Because I have several classes that are above above 350 ilvl (2 of them being above 370 and another at 380). If you play a vast number of classes/character then you should not expect to be able to gear them all to levels where other players are only doing so with 2-3 classes/characters.

8.1.5 actually raises gear from heroic dungeons to ilvl 355 later this month so you are getting this addressed on 23rd January so you will have to wait. It took 5 seconds to get the link from Wowhead to show you and the Wowhead article was posted before your post.

Look at the ilvl increase!

You also have 2 Warfronts with guarantee a 370 or 385 piece of gear per rotation of each of them for each character you have, and you only have to run them once with the quest picked up. The world bosses drop gear with the Arathi one giving a chance at a 370 item and the Darkshore one giving a chance at a 385 item per rotation, you have your chance at Warforging or Titanforging with these too.

Low end Mythic+ can sometimes net you the 350+ gear you ask for, those at the lower end are less inclined to be asking for Raider io scores to enter them. You also have the weekly chest which adds to this.

PVP can sometimes reward you gear higher than 340, and once again if you do enough of it you have the weekly chest which can add to this. The weekly pvp quest seems to be throwing 370 items at people for participating and gaining their 25 kills.

You are not entitled to gain a Warforged or Titanforged item, it is just your luck with the RNG system that may gain you one. I still see people getting Warforged and Titanforged gear in LFR on a regular basis.