iLvl ceiling at 340 for casuals

(Aundra) #84

That’s the only perks we tanks have. We suck :blush: always. You do better? :grinning: well congrats :grinning: and? You’re saying you’re better than me? Well you are. :v:️Now show me how do you tank :blush: I can DPS with my hunter.

(Basyxqt) #85

I am a casual player and i have 350+ ilvl.

It’s not difficult at all, and sometimes i don’t even play for weeks!

Do the right stuff and you will be 350+ in no time.

(Iggwilv) #86

Got 5 chars all 360+ (This one I think is 372) and 2 at around the 350 mark.

Still well below anyone who raids regularly, but to say you can’t get above 340 OP is massively incorrect.

(Scotchka) #87

Just adding to the pile; Killed 7/8 on normal and 5/8 on hc (not motivated to raid anymore) the bosses I did kill I only killed once or twice. I’ve also only done two m+ dungeons this season (the pieces I got from those have long been replaced) and I’m 372 now.

Almost all the gear I use now is either from wbosses and warfronts, or from assaults. It’s incredibly easy to get around 360/370.


f you can’t gear above that level then you need to read up on the game a bit. I havn’t done any mythic dungeons, very few heroics and have only done raids on lfr and i am ilvl 364. I have no titanforged and only one warforged piece.

I mainly level alts right now and just log onto my main for the following

  1. Daily wq to get reps to exalted on my main.
  2. Invasions for the ilvl 370 reward.
  3. The warfront weekly quest for the 370/385 ilvl reward.

This ilvl ceiling you mention does not exist at all, it is simply a case of not learning the different ways to gear up, due to that you have been using the slowest and lowest gear awarding method available.

Yeah my gear is not the best, current gear cap i believe is 395. As a casual i will never have the best gear and i am cool with that, those that do harder content deserve better gear.

But still it is incredibly easy to gear up to a decent level to access the next lfr raid as a casual.

(Ohbyru) #89

Im casual, I do lfr random bgs and warfront and my ilvl is 348, it does go up but slowly. The way i look at it is, I don’t need high ilvl anyway because I don’t do the top tier stuff like m+ and heroic/mythic raiding.

(Hairira) #90

But what kind of a monster would want that in a game these days?

(Lepanto) #91

So I did do a solid 7/8 NM run today and the assault and my hunter, who dinged 120 yesterday, is iLvl 348 today. I’ve spent a huge 3000g on the weapon and everything else came from the known sources of gear. Sure, he’s still a lowly geared character this late in the patch, but claiming you can’t gear in months what I’ve done, all in pugs, no guild runs, in 4 hours of game time is baffling.

DK next. He’ll probably gear up way faster, due to tanks getting a golden ticket in many events…


In fairness he doesn’t even need to go near M+, just do invasions, warfronts and world bosses. Even this evening I replaced my Heroic Uldir waist with a 385ilev one by spending 20 seconds killing the boss in Darkshore.

(Mmorpg) #93

Its known fact that mmo games tend to be casual unfriendly, even wow.

I remember not doing arenas and raids back in wotlk and only did battlegrounds for fun. The only gear I had was a season behind of what the arenas players had because I had no choice. So I was wearing relentless gear while the current updated gear was wrathful set.

(Looksmaxxed) #94

Speaking a bit abstractly, I believe the same ratio is being kept in BFA.
The easily obtainable 370 is an equivalent to similarly easily obtainable relentless gear you had and wrathful is from 385 onward.
Although they’ve eased up the path to 385 now for casuals but that could be attributed to the end of the patch. For the whole 3 months 385 wasn’t that easily obtained, except at higher end raids and high end pvp.

(Insanenity) #95

Casuals can do normal raids and mythic+ dungeons that are equal to normal raids for sure. You are just afraid to do it.


I know it is a troll threat but w/e.

OP, with Season 2 of WoW (22nd Jan) the overall ilvl from dungeons, WQ’s, Warfronts and anything else will be rised to ~350-385 (current NM/HC Uldir tier?).
Beside that Crafting Professions will be updated with new recipes, allowing higher ilvl gear to be crafted.

Once the patch goes live, you’ll have required ilvl in a jiffy.

(Gitmix) #97



I have a feeling this is a troll thread cause of all the good catch up mechanics you have literally welfare gear to help you reach the appropriate level to do normal and hc raid and to do a bit higher mythic+.

(Redoctober) #99

Two words: engagement metrics. It’s to make you do those world quests over and over and over and over again…

(Punyelf) #100

I guess but in my case I tend to hit 340ish and then not bother further. But I take your point, I did repeat them until I got there, if being somewhat picky as to what few WQs I would do for a reward.


true - but in order to join any groups you will have to be 400+ :slight_smile:

so … gotta pump those itlv numbers :slight_smile:

(Aundra) #102

you just need to stack up all the titanuum possible to buy some 400ilvl azerite to pump it up. ATM it’s not possible unless you’re farming Mythic Uldir. M+10 chest grants you up to 380… jeez… The new Warfront has better ilvl than a run with Fortified, sanguine, grievous and infested… yet. Can you believe that? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ylie) #103

Just ignore everyone turn WM on and spam bgs and some PVP. You may get to 360 or higher gear if lucky…