iLvl ceiling at 340 for casuals

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It’s 370 actually, in line with LFR for BoD

But the steps between tiers was minimal, compared to now, you could still easily outskill someone with a higher tier than you, try that with the current tier when BoD comes out and you won’t stand a chance.


Some others prolly said this, but:

I have 22/29 at top lvl now. As soon as they are, i try to get the 320 treshold for warfronts; either with crafted gear, tw gear, wqs, etc. Warfronts grant 340, 370 and 385 gear.
320 is definately a treshold. 340 isnt. You can easily get to 370 without ever seeing the inside of a dg or raid.


Absolutely not true.
I got 5 (alt) chars that haven’t done any raiding in any form and they haven’t done any m+.
They are all at 360+ and some are even 370.

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Maybe I want to.


This is false
kind regards from casual who is standing at 376 ilvl

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you know what?

I have 4 chars but I use mostly only one. I may have horrible score, I may be low geared. But through experience I learned to tank, starting with lower keys and building up my score one step at the time. People praises my tanking skill all the time, but at the same time unfortunately instances are not made to be done in solo.
I have the displeasure to meet high geared low DPS, Fear spamming healers, DPS without interrupt in their bars or they don’t know how it’s called, extra pullers, headless chickens when they take aggro… you name it.
I’m not perfect, i sometimes fk up something too. from a shield flying to 2 pulls, (I pulled half Zul trash once :open_mouth: ) to pulling the wrong group…
the fact is nowadays there are so many high geared people who don’t have any clue of mechanics and rotations who think they can do high keys just purely because they are Mythic like geared and screw others key.
My score, all of my experience is PUG, +8, +9, +10 i made them because of luck of having found a good group.
All of the out of time, all of the uncompleted though are far more often then the completed.
But that helped me being better everyday more and coping with bad players and try to patch up their errors.
that’s not the case with the ‘highly geared’ who leave the group midinstance due to incompetence.

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Your statement is a joke dude. Because in bfa it is very easy to have gear. I made my 4th char into 363ilvl without any raid/ challengin m+. I get 370 regular and azerite gear from world quest emissaries and 370/385 from warfront first quest. Totally free. You are just crying for no reason (like a troll) or you sont have any idea how to get the quest before warfront.

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proof char #1: 364 equipped if I equipped every trinket ring etc. based on solely IL? 373, LFR bosses? Doesn’t matter only did two for the quest and even if I got gear I would have given it away.

It’s not hard at all, I only used that char to farm rep for Horde reputation, quest rewards and vendor items.

Edit: it’s also my 2nd 120 hunter because I don’t have a warrior for mog farming. Yeah, I don’t do priest, shaman and warriors don’t suit me at all. Recently added DK to it aswell, just feel depressed when on it when killing rares for mogs in darkshore:(


if ilvl matters that much then i would suppose you’re not a casual


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Cheeky! :heart_eyes:

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While doing all the regular stuff i do random BGs and that has helped me a lot with getting better gear faster.
I’m happy where i am at right now so i’m not super stressed out about gear anymore since i have mostly been grinding reps the last month lol.

I barely touch any dungeons or raids so i would say i’m pretty casual in most eyes :smile:

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On one hand, there are the warfronts that give 370-385 gear, but I have to wonder why one raid tier gives 340, then the next requires 350.

Still, seeing as warfronts now pop up twice as often as before, it’s just time. My alt that I’ve done a total of one heroic and about 3 LFR runs on has 357ilvl. Warfronts rewards are so much better than anything LFR offers.

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Sounds like I am the most unlucky person in the game, 'cause those titanforges hardly exist, and certainly not for my characters.


No, go away (and actually play the game). This DH hit 120 a week ago and I’m at 359 equipped.

Now, that said, I did do a bit of normal Uldir and some mythics (from which I largely got nothing), but even without those “elitist” pieces Warfront, WQ, Timewalking and crafted gear would easily put me past 350 because 11 out of my 15 equipment pieces are from queueable or world content. Also note that NONE of them are titanforged.

Now please stop insulting the casual playerbase by suggesting that they too retarded to get to 350 for the next raid tier even though I would wager that the vast majority of active players are already past that point.


You can get to 370 without touching raids or m+. I’ve done it on my rogue.

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Casual does not mean bad. Bad people will be bad even if they play a lot.

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Dude, do wqs and Incursions.
They’re literally throwing 370 gear at your face.

I got 370 ilvl just from this.

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You forget those things scale with your item level yes at like 365 or so they give 370 but lower then that no they do not.
(this does Not mean i think there is a ceiling at 340 btw)

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ye crying about ilvl in bfa X to the D
how do you get through irl?