iLvl ceiling at 340 for casuals

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They scale but are not that rigid.
I think I was 350 and it was already giving me 370 gear.

Similarly, my 310 alt was already getting 340 out of them.


You clearly have not read the information that you quoted from my above post, you literally quote me saying “8.1.5 actually raises gear from heroic dungeons to ilvl 355 later this month so you are getting this addressed on 23rd January” and then reply with incorrect information.

370 is for mythic dungeons, not for heroic with 8.1.5. My mention of the heroic dungeon level was in reply to the OP mentioning heroic dungeons with regards to his original post in this thread.


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Me and Lanie are always teaseing each other in threads but yet again you cherry picked a post, read the whole thread before you comment please and find out who are actual friends until then stop with the harrasement thanks . And ive flagged your post as its totally off topic and a personal attack .

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I’ve got like 3 friends getting into the game into the 355-360s easily, so I don’t know.

Depends on what timeframe someone refers to as “casual”. A M+ dungeon doesn’t take a long time (in fact, it’s kinda the point for it to take as little time as possible) and it progressively rewards more and more.

Of course that’s because I don’t correlate skill levels with terms like “casual” and “hardcore”, but if someone with little time is willing to step their toes into hard content, there is such content within their grasp and within their timetables.

Joining a chill M+ community might also help in that regard in order to at least avoid the whole Rio thing until more familiar with the content and its meta.

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So i took my mage to level cap and geared it just to make sure and you are simply wrong here.
At ilvl 350 you get rewarded 360ilvl gear or 355 azerite items.
At 348ish i was still getting 350gear from those things and 340ilvl azerite items.
Now at 354 i am still getting 360gear.


I’m a casual and I’m 373 iLevel. I do the warfronts, Pugged for the quest related dungeons and haven’t touched LFR or Uldir at all. *shrugs * Don’t need LFR or Uldir lol.

EDIT: Also casual doesn’t mean bad. Casual means working a 40+ hour week, being a full time carer and having an active social life. Doesn’t mean bad at the game.

  1. Warfront gear from the wf quest
  2. Against Overwhelming Odds gear
  3. Incursions
  4. Occasional emisaries
    I’m a casual myself, don’t raid and have 4 toons @ 350+


When you hit 363 you will start getting 370 azerite armour from emerssary cache.

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That might be so but the dude i was replying to was saying he got 370gear at ilvl of 350. And that is simply wrong i said at 365 but 363 could be right atm i do not know but what i do know for a fact is that you do not get it at 350ilvl not even at 354ilvl


This is my Druid. Hit 120 around 2 weeks ago. Already 360. The highest m+ I ever completed on this char is +3. No idea why you are saying it is difficult to get gear as a casual. For me it has been the easiest thing ever. Do world bosses and stuff and you will get high ilvl eventually.

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You are using a lvl 48
You are right armory shows you at 120 i find that wierd as it should be directly linked to each other.
Gz on the lucky 2 azerite pieces and a cloak.


Check my profile… It probably hasn’t updated. As I said I reached 120 on this char 2 weeks ago.

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I dont raid and i somehow managed to scrape together 376 gear by doing warfronts, invasions and weeklies mostly.

To me it looks like you are after handouts. Your sub doesnt guarantee you anything but the ability to play the game. Rest is up to you and by the looks of it, you are failing.

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Is it just me or are dungeons dropping little to no loot?

I’m actually avoiding them compared to legion not just because of the no-rewards, but the effort with so much trash is useless.

Add with increasing queue times, yeah, I can understand the frustration. Normally I just grind to get strong, like real life working out, but this expansion has turned dungeons into a living hell.

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You are not wrong they drop apporx 1 item per dungeon now.


I also got a 395 cloack from a rare in Arathi (55 ilvl titanforge)… This thing blew my mind and I actually didn’t appreciate it at all. It is amazing that doing such a menial task rewards you with an item 10 ilvls higher than the current mythic raid difficulty. I don’t deserve such an item.

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Exactly how I feel when that happens even on my own char. My mythic main is only 386 and has to use a 385, you kill a random mob in the world and get (let me bet, it was the haste/crit one?) a 395 because you are also playing. The whole reward vs difficulty system is out of whack.

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Yeah see, I don’t mind warforging or titanforging, but the algorithm is messed up this expansion.

I loved it when it was 5 item levels rare and titan 10 ultra rare, it made visiting areas a surprise.

… but 30+ item levels in a drop? It kills the journey, dumping you straight to the destination.

I guess it made sense in legion when an old raid titanforged that high, but it’s like the devs forgot to reset the ridiculous gain back to 5 or 10 for BfA.


Warfront every weak 370+380 (quest if you fight for zone or world boss). World boss every weak 355. Daily quest tortolian may do you some jewel. Weakly event may do good reward. You may buy some coin for bonus loot. TO EASY take 370 for 4 weak 1-2 hours per day. BLIZZARD PLS NERF TO EASY GET MEDIUM GEAR.