iLvl ceiling at 340 for casuals


Season 2 will start on the 23th January. What will change:

  • Darkshore rewards will go up by 15 item levels, so that the outdoor world boss and the once-per-cycle quest both award item-level 400 gear.
  • Emissary weapon and armor rewards will scale up to 385 (based on a player’s own item level), up from 370.
  • The item level of rewards from max-level Normal, Heroic, and Mythic dungeons will go up by 30. Baseline rewards will be 340 from Normal, 355 from Heroic, and 370 from non-Keystone Mythic.

(Galander) #148

I strongly disagree with the OP.
Look at my profile. I’m as casual as can be. I have an ilvl of 374 and have at the most done a couple of LFRs. I haven’t even completed Uldir LFR. I’ve obtained my gear purely from world bosses, warfronts and world quests.

My highest M+ is 0.

Sure, it takes longer to gear up like that, but since I am not doing any raids or any form of organized group content I think that is perfectly fine. There are quicker ways to gear up if I want.

I also pay a subscription. I’ve chosen to play this way.


that incorrect - at 350 they would give you 360 itlv. more annoying is being for example 348-349 because then you are getting still 355 gear which many times lands on pieces that you already have on 350

same with 310 - at 310 you were reciving 325 gear from invasions.

so stop overexagerating or openly lying.

this doesnt count in OS weapons , duplicated , azerite gear dropping from equipement cache and multiple other rng things.

gearing up via invasions alone is extremly slow. example of my shaman - it got from 345 to 352 mainly due to the item i got from WF which let him jump the barier of 350. invasions during this week gave me just 2 items all of which were minor upgrades 350->355 and 1 x 355 azerite piece.


My job has been super-stressful for the whole period I’ve played WoW (bought Legion on Black Friday 2017) and I also have a young kid to look after. That means I don’t want the stress of running hard dungeons and raids with my Prot Pally, even if I could find a guild who raided in a suitable time slot (which is pretty hard for me). What I want is to jump into the game when I have a free hour or two (or the odd random evening), run around, do some quests and kill things.

My ilvl is currently 376 and I’ve completed zero Mythic dungeons, let alone Mythic+ and haven’t run any BfA raid content. I’ve only just discovered the joys of PvP, so haven’t had time in Season 1 PvP to get any good gear.

There IS a way to gear up without having to play the hardest content, it just takes time in game to do it. The best “casual” gear is the 350 & 355 gear available from Emissary vendors at Exalted and World Boss drops. By the end of 8.0 my ilvl was 358 and just over half of my gear was from those two sources, with much of the rest of my ilvl coming from the 370 (+ WF and TF) rewards from the first Warfront run of each cycle.

So, in 8.0, a casual player’s ilvl ceiling was around 355 and you could get the 355 Azerite caches. Now it’s around 375 thanks largely to the 370 rewards from Emissaries and Faction Invasions. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get the 385 gear with my current ilvl, esp with a couple of 400 rewards from Darkshore over the next couple of months pushing my ilvl higher. Though with the PvP stuff I’ve started doing I’ll be aiming for the 400 ilvl rewards - perhaps I don’t count as “casual” any more!


  1. If you’re not in a big guild, use a group finder add-on for World Quests so that you can get the drops from World Bosses.
  2. Use the WoW Companion app on your phone so that you’re regularly getting Azerite and rep rewards from the missions table.
  3. Research Wowhead to see what ilvl drops / rewards you get from which content. Look in the Wowhead news articles for new gear added to BfA with major patches… for example, there’s now a 395 ilvl ring and 385 ilvl Azerite gear available with the new currencies (though wait until Season 2 before buying the Azerite gear - I bought one before realising that an extra ring will be added in Season 2 :frowning: ).


There is no need to do either if you emissary + invasions you get better gear.

And no ilev still does not make a player good enough to raid or do M+. Some of these people are still clicking out of the spell book.

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No that’s only going from WQ rewards if you took you did every warfront for the quets, nearly got all world boss item you had and easy 360+. This mage, paladin, rogue and my Horde hunter (mog farmer, rep for Horde factions etc.) got to 364 with no forging before 8.1 started with only world bosses, warfront quest and WQ.

Btw: I don’t equip all items because of lower dps output (mainly trinkets) and/or wrong stats (rings).


I was kinda factoring in unlucky RNG. I’ve done all but one of the Warfronts, and the 370 and 390 drops have given me replication in three slots - three shields, two swords and two pairs of gauntlets.


Yes, you’re doing something wrong.

I went from 340 crafted gear to 366 on this character with ONLY casual content:

  • invasions
  • emissaries
  • warfronts
  • world bosses

I’m still wearing the trinket I bought, but all the other 340s are gone. Only thing I don’t have is rings because they don’t drop from invasion / emissary / warfront, unless you’re lucky with tortollans.

But that’s the compromise I’m willing to make, it’s absolutely low effort to gear this way, takes maybe 30 mins daily.

I swear nowadays gear grows in trees, by the time Dazar’alor lfr opens I’ll be outgearing it sorely by “catchup gear” except rings and trinkets…

P.S. No idea why it says I’m 118, it’s 120 and 366 ilvl, I levelled this char about 1 month ago.

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Aye understandable, then indeed the ceiling will be more 355 but factoring in some luck 364 easy, normaly? 360. So best to say 355-365 deping on luck of drops was the ceiling.


Yeah, that’s more like it.

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373 here - playing casual. So how is the ceiling 365?


It was the ceiling in 8.0.


I think this expansion is aimed towards casual players a bit more than previous ones. I spent a couple of weeks at the end of BfA 8.0 completing everything in Legion for the Paladin Class Mount, and that was mostly at 120 with ilvl of 358 (new money). It would have taken AGES if I was still 110. The new Priestess’ Moonsaber is only 700 x 7th Legion whatsits - I’m halfway there having already spent 300 on the ring.

(Iggwilv) #160

Ah OKI. I thought you meant now.


Yeah, but what’s the purpose of lfr if it doesn’t drop higher gear than you already have from quests? Only to see how bosses look like?

Also nope, legion class mounts weren’t that hard or time consuming to obtain, all the time consuming quests like marks of sentinax or kill 100 demons you could get a group for (there were plenty of them when it was relevant content), only super long parts were unlocking suramar for paladin mount (however you’d probably do it for the story if it was your main) and the rogue crawl through enemy capital cities.

I miss the legion class halls with their storylines and class mounts, all these gave me a reason to level every class to see their story. It wasn’t casual unfriendly at all. Only thing that was problematic was mage tower and necessity to grind some legendaries to beat them (I would congratulate anyone who managed sub rogue without the legendary cape, I couldn’t).

On the other hand I agree more purchasable vendors with currency we have now is a good idea, paragon lootboxes with 1% drop rate in legion weren’t fun at all. But it’s the same with islands mount in bfa (haven’t found a single one yet in half a year).


I started 3 weeks ago leveled from 100 to 120 and now I have ilevel of 362. Items are literally shoved into your bag for doing absolutely nothing. I hate how easy it is to get gear, anyone can have the best gear in the game without doing anything for it.

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Come back and say that next week. You said this in the last WF (yes you were there. We’re at the point of “catch-up”…raiders are still the best equipped in the game regardless of the loot “thrown” at non-raiders.

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2 world bosses (got 370 trinket which was BiS to combine with CDs and 385 one), 2 warfronts (1 of each) and crafted 310 rings and 340 gear DK was 346 in the same day. It does still wear 285 and 305 IL azerite pieces except for the helm which is 345, so plenty of improvements left, if only I could be bothered to do WQ for 325 gear (rings and 2 azerite peices).


What you are claiming is all wrong. There are plenty of “free equivalent” sources to Heroic Uldir gear. You have Warfronts, worldbosses in both Arathi Highlands (370) and Darkshore (385) and also every single world boss from launch have 350 gear. All sources of gear ALSO have the chance to titanforge or warforge which gives room for ur emissaries to scale and increase your gear. The game is litterally holding your hand through the whole gearing process up to 370 gear. After that and quiet frankly before as well, you cant expect to not do anything competetive at all and get reworded for it. If you wanna get rewarded in an MMORPG you actually have to do something that is challenging. If you dont want to do those things, you dont get to complain. Im sorry but that is just the truth.

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I’ve been playing casually for some months now, currently sitting at 388 iLvl.

After the LFR phase I found it easiest to start doing M+ dungeons. I don’t have time to play every day, but when I do, I usually went through some M+, usually on my own keystone.

Meanwhile you get into pugs for HC Uldir, which are really easy way to gain loot. Mythic is pretty painful by pugging, so I’ve only been able to clear 2/8M. But even Taloc can have some weekly drops for you, and most of the pug groups should be able to do him atleast.