iLvl ceiling at 340 for casuals

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At least it shows your mog. Very nice


How can you sit at that low itlvl and say it’s casuals? My char’s i don’t raid with are at a 370+ and i don’t even do m+ on them, only assualts, warfronts, world boss and the emisery if there’s some good ol gear. I hardly done any LFR, when i think about it with my last 2 alts i got to a 120 sit at 365 and done 0 LFR :thinking:

Gearing is not all that hard as people have commented on from their perspective, you just have to put some effort to sit down and do some of the things aviable for it :wink:


Why thank you <3. As for titanforging the only thing I like about it is that I can hear my 110 twink DH even more and take friends through lightning speed dungeons.

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It has gotten really silly though. I have 6 toons already 365+ from doing nothing of note. Hardest content is 3 LFR bosses downed. New LFR drops 370 loot and it’s not worth me doing that for a tiny upgrade so it’s obsolete for me and it isn’t even out yet!
Something has gone very very wrong with gear levels rising so quickly without any challenge.

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This is the biggest problem here. My main is 388 (8/8,7/8,2/8 Uldir and a 10-11 M+ done most weeks). Two of my alts are high 370’s neither haven’t done a single Mythic+ (only a couple of M0’s), done lfr once and nothing above. It is silly 10 ilvls for a shed load of effort isn’t worth it. And like you lfr is pointless for the new raid as I already out level it on these characters.

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