Ilvl requirement for M+'s


SO, I have been on a rather long break and now I wish to get in to M+

I loved M+ in Legion and am yet to try the BFA ones ^^ I am in doubt of what Ilvl I should get before going for the different level. I tried to look on the net, but I could only find outdated “lists”.

I am not so interested in what Wowhead sais you need, but more in what people typically demand of Ilvl for the various level of keys.


If you are already 400+ I strongly suggest doing your own keys. If you are under 400 M+ might not be the perfect place to farm gear. Joining groups will be extremely hard if you are under 420 as you do not have RIO score (at least I presume you don’t).


Well I am 401 as we speak, so I am curious as to what I need to go m+ 0 and maybe the first lower keys.

And no, no RIO score what so ever, I haven’t been very active since start BFA


Generally 400 would be enough to clear a +4, but noone is gonna invite a 400 Ilvl toon when you can easily get a 420 one. Like I said previously, try you own keys :smiley:


Thanks so much for taking your time for this :hugs: I will go grind some more gear, or maybe see if my guildies are up for some +0’s sometime soon so I can start a key in the first place.

Have a great evening


You can tag along with our guild for m0 and lower m+ some time if you want. Mostly relaxed runs for fun and alts in that bracket. Give me a shout in-game some night.


I’d love to ;D thanks


People demand absurd ilvls for the keys they’re doing.


so I realized lol


As a general rule you need an item level which is at least within 5-10 ilvl of gear that drops. For example m+10 drops 430 ilvl gear, meaning you’re fine if you have 425. For m+8, which drops 425 gear, your’e fine having 415.


Yeah that’s what you -should have. What players demand pr level key is another story :stuck_out_tongue:


It is also the amount of overgearing people in LFG. When I play my own key of +9 I get a long list of 430’s and higher applying.


Indeed, it’s not fun to come late to the game! I’m almost there where I think of making a tank instead or just skip the thought of M+ all together and focus on raiding.
I’m never gonna sit out the start of an expansion again if it works like BFA lol


Well, we kind of had not that long ago a reset of ivls by the release of the new raid. This is the 5th or 6th week (1st week ilvl was capped at 415 loot, so pick the 5 or the 6). So you are not that late to the party :slight_smile:


Tbf it’s not so much the expo start that does this, it’s a season reset on the mythic.

When it resets the ilevel shoot up, but players are geared from last season so they aren’t yet ready for 10s plus (I mean some probably still did, in their guild groups).

At the start of the season ilevel expectations are lower as everyone is regearing for the new season and acquainting themselves with the affix.

Give it a week or two and people are geared and now those people who were doing it “progressively” are now doing it “professionally” ie pushing keys as high as they can, AFAIK they inflate ilevel expectations on their lower keys to quickly jump them by +3.

If you “missed” this initial week or two of mythic, yeah the scene will look pretty unforgiving in terms of some expectations. However not all groups expect this obviously.

The other thing is raider io. People tend to take this more importantly than gear per say. The tricky part is running the dungeons in the first place to build your score, and this can be an issue if the requirements for entering those dungeons is inflated.

I’d recommend joining a community that has a more casual approach to mythic. That way you can find groups easily without the io gatekeeping. The runs probably won’t be the most progressive you’ve experienced as the players therein aren’t chasing highest keys (more often just aiming for a weekly 10 and maybe trying a bit higher for lols) but it will get you groups and the gear that comes out of them.

I’m in one myself as my io score is pretty low, but I’m using such community to try and build it a bit more and work on improving my tank play in an environment that is free of the sometimes cutthroat expectations of pugging. That and I don’t want to mess up another players key because I’m still learning.


Just like they did with raids in Legion.

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