I'm done, I quit

Take everything in moderation, even World of Warcraft


Ironically, the Classic community seems more cancerous than smoking.

Imaging giving feedback on the forum (what its meant for) about why one has decided to quit the game, only to be trolled by forum bullies.



You have been working hard for like a year to make that happen.

So you basically plagiarized the Tauren warrior guy’s joke? That’s kinda sad.


Now you see had you spent the time drinking rum and smoking you’d be having a great time

Don’t drink coffee - it’s bad for you and the Classic experience

Ironically, i was referring to people like you.

I just saw the thread you are talking about, I wrote the first joke that came to my mind to mock all the copy pastas, turns out I was the stale copy pasta all along

Sometimes you break character and show your real personality.

Ironically, if ever anyone kept true to themselves on a forum it’s me.

But i suppose the aim was to point out and shame ‘bad Shogath’ who hides behind a mask most of the time.

You haven’t been paying attention if you actually believe your own nonsense here.

And make fun of/ attacking people who post feedback on a forum that is meant to discuss the game and post feedback is a perfect example of the cancerous hipocracy that sweeps through this pit regularly.

You have been trolling this forum on your lvl 10 troll since it was created. You have tried many different tactics to cause maximum harm without getting banned.

Just look on this thread. A guy is joking about quitting smoking and you take the oportunity to call the classic community cancerous. When no one had even said a thing.

And for your info. Most people are really nice and helpful in the recent “I quit” threads. But that doesn’t fit your agenda I guess.

The troll here is the person who made the thread to mock people with legitimate issues. People who end their subscription and make one last effort to provide feedback on why they have decided to end their subs.

Its a mock thread and you are defending the troll.


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No dude I’m a dwarf

Good on ya pal x

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since the beginning of this classic forum you have trolled daily on your lvl 10 troll. I don’t even think you can stop if you wanted to.

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Never trolled any thread since day 1, ever… and that is a long sight longer than Classic forum. But do point out a troll i did… anywhere, any time. And i’ll show you people who can’t handle opposition, live in a bubble or generally get triggered by other peoples opinions.

And a kind reminder, what you are doing now is actually trolling. When you knowingly ignore the issue at hand and act solely on your trigger.

This is a mock thread to bully people posting quit-feedback and you enable this behavior by harassing any opposition.

This has nothing to do with bullying, it was a simple joke.

Its a mock thread and the second one at that within the same hour it was made.

It is a continuation and an escalation of bullying people who post feedback to Blizzard.

By posting threads like these you scare people off even before they make their thread.

Bullying and harassing often go under the cloak of “joking”.

If people are scared by my post they have far bigger problems in their life

Those are unhealthy physical habits. Take some time away, avoid the unhealthy habits and get some more natural stuff going (for the purpose to have a long healthy life.)

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