I'm going on vacation

(Tahra) #1

No not a forum vacation, a real one. Seeya in a bit!

Oh and just to keep this post on topic, ehmmm…

  • Blizzard please give us better fox models.


(Sinaaki) #2

Enjoy your vacation and have fun :tada::sunglasses:

(Looksmaxxed) #3

Tahra going on a world quest. :grinning:

Where are you going btw? If it’s not a secret.


Ta-rah Tahra :stuck_out_tongue:

(Lepanto) #5

Can I have your gold? For safekeeping purposes you understand…

(Kaelgar) #6

I hope you’ll meet Nixiom :smiley:

Bon Voyage!


Have fun tahwa uwu


Have a good time Tahra :grin::+1: say hi to Nixxiom for me,we will miss you uwu.


hope you ll have a nice vacation Tahra.

see you in a while crocodile! wave

(Nagrash) #10

Enjoy and take care :sunglasses:

(Moothilda) #11

If you get scared, it is fine to turn around and come home :blush:

Have a good vacation :hugs:


Bon Voyage, stain :joy::kissing_heart:


Fox off

(Tèsla) #14

See you Tahra!

(Uvireath) #15

What is va…cai…schon ?

(Tahra) #16

It’s not a world quest, it’s a raid. There’s 10 people! :grin:
We’re raiding Belgium. :sunglasses: Leaving in 30 mins. Cheers!


loot table:

brussels sprouts
pommes frites / french fries
moules et frites
carbonade flamande
croque monsieur
lapin aux pruneaux

have fun! :beers:

(Ishayu) #18

Have a great trip!

The last time I used raiding to describe a real world vacation I was at DreamHack, where over 500 people decided it would be a good idea to go to Statoil at the exact same time.

Police stopped it. xD

(Punyelf) #19

Have a great time :slight_smile:

(Chocoh) #20

veel geluk in je kalkoen. Ik hoop dat je tonijn met veel flamingo’s. Heb een veilige televisie.

My dutch sucks, so that could literally mean anything lol.