I'm selling stuff from AH to NPC vendors because it's profitable at this point

I started playing again shortly before the AH update dropped, so I got a question:

I was selling monelite ores for almost 100g each a few days ago. I get that was a high price, but prices on my server for mats are now down the drain to the point where people buy stuff from the AH and sell it to NPC vendors for a 100-300% profit. Is this a new issue or has the AH now merely adjusted to what was normal prior to the AH launch?

People just haven’t swapped their minds from the old system to the new system, the new AH works more like the grand exchange from runescape and needs to approached in that way. You make profit in a different way.

Prices of individual items change all the time, but the new system has made hand to gold profits smaller, but made the potential for margin trading profits higher.

Care to share your wisdom?

Basically grinding for gold has been nerfed significantly since there is already such a huge deposit of raw mats in circulation and the real ‘‘profit’’ to be made is on incrimental margin trading over the course of 12+ hour periods of flipping

Blizzard just made the raw mats easier to buy since they’re all lumped into one, and no one will go out of their way to buy an exact stack of 12 or whatever someone put for a quest since they can just request 12 for the lowest price until supply runs out for said price.


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