IMHO, Warriors need a buff in PvP, not PvE

We all know that warrior scale so good with gear that they will shine at the end of every phase, (actually they will be monstrous at 60 with all those % damage runes introduced) but their problem is PvP.

Every class got something new to use in PvP in Sod, but Warrior stayed the almost same (except for Warbringer), just adding some damage runes.

Take the rogue as an example, the class was already the uncontested PvP god, but they still gave it a gap closer, a ranged stun and a ranged snare, which made them even more deadly, meanwhile, war just got charge in combat.

So what they need is a utility buff not damage on their upcoming runes, something like Second wind, or the ignore pain (the absorb shield version, not the damage reduction), but few things to change right now can also be made to help the struggle right now:

  • Enraged regeneration with no requirements
  • Victory Rush get a 20 / 30 sec cd (maybe don’t reset on kills to avoid spamming it)

Ironic that top melee dps is saying warriors don’t need a buff in PvE

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Yeah, my lvl 15 shaman is top dps as much as your 58 dk.

Wars just want to be top dps like in vanilla, this is not vanilla.

Post on ur lvl 40 shaman main then?

Today, we are looking at the DPS rankings during the week of February 20th for Phase 2 of Season of Discovery in Gnomeregan.

Actual Bozo. Hunters got nerfed and Enhancement shamans are top melee dps.

Bozo ? ok kiddo, bye.

Really thought you were smart making this thread?

What they should do is buff Paladins to the ridiculousness that Shamans are right now. THen 2 faction classes can go at eachother.

But they’re not going to do that as Horde are crying enough about a 2nd bottom dps spec already.

All warriors really need is for Warbringer to be changed from a chest rune to a spell book thing. Right now we can’t use any other rune in our chest piece because Warbringer is absolutely mandatory.


Endless rage as book, victory rush resets on assists, retail shield wall and you won’t see any warrior complain

Naah, this will just make warrior unkillable.

well, reset if target warrior damaged 5 seconds away dies
fishing for killing blows is retarded


Umm, just kite him??? Then the warrior can’t heal himself.

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no, its shamans who have to be kited to not get oneshoted, warriors are just mobs

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That’s the advice I’m getting from shamans on how to deal with them, but apparently they can’t kite a warrior to not let his self heal hit lol.

because kiting warrior is outdated, better faceroll and do 5x more damage to him
kiting requires some braincells, not everyone in sod has them

just lmao at all these shaman mains telling us to kite them, but a warrior having self heal on hit is too much for their own advice

ahahahahaahah oh man

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Warriors need fundamental changes to be viable in these kinds of season content so they are less reliant on gear and dont snow ball late game.

In Phase 1 I had to deal with everyone screaming about warriors being OP, yet I never saw the epic sword drop and I raided every reset doing full clears. It just never dropped in any raid I was in, never even got the chance to roll for it.

I also only saw the other 2 weapons drop once or twice and lost the rolls every time. So I was never OP, the class of warrior isn’t fundamentally op, they just snow ball with better gear. I’m sure those warriors who got BiS gear had a blast, but for those who didn’t it sucked and then we got nerfed.

Also, in PvE on ally we require a feral druid, without one we have no hope of doing good dps, even with much better gear. How can we be called OP when we rely so much on having specific team comps to do anything when other classes can pump the meters with no help at all. I just dont get it.

who tf screamed about warrior was op in p1?
those quick strike swings for 50 dmg hurt someone for sure

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Only massive crybabies with tiny peens cry about damage meters in a 20 min raid that can be cleared with 1 hand behind ur back.
Best to ignore them.