IMHO, Warriors need a buff in PvP, not PvE

Every melee require WF, and that’s why they added it to feral druids.

Yeah, but on Horde it’s easier to some degree. Feral Druids still have Wild Strikes, but you also have Wind Fury totem with Shamans. More druids are going Boomkin in phase 2 as Gnomer favours ranged dps. So it’s actually getting harder to get a feral and if you don’t have a feral, Warriors fall off hard.

Sure every melee does better with it, but warrior scale hard off it, more hits = more rage = more chance to crit = more rage and loop goes on. Everyone saying Warriors are still good DPS in PvE are only considering it with Wild Strikes, Rogue, Pala and Melee hunter blow warriors out the water without Wild Strikes in the group. We literally require it to be viable at all.

Rage normalization is the only solution then.

I’d be fine with Paladin being either buffed to shaman levels or shaman nerfed to paladin level.

Kinda sad to see only shaman get the love rn and paladin getting the stepchild treatement.

In pvp pala is only good to oneshot clueless people with lucky crits.

Ret is good for PvP, not the best but still good.

Its worse than shaman, which should never be the case. Vice versa shouldnt be the case either.

Arguably the 2 classes where balance means the most

What the hell is this reasoning ?

Shaman and paladin should be as close together as possible in terms of balance. How does that strike you as odd?

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And why ? Because they are both hybrid ? wtf, they are DIFFERENT CLASSES, but just sharing a dps role doesn’t mean they need to be the same.

They dont need to be the same, they should be equally strong.

Because they are faction exclusive. If shamans are better, horde is better. If palas are better, alliance is better.

Since those 2 classes are carrying their faction ? please Eli5.

right now evey wsg is 4+ shamans and it going to be worse
doesnt matter how many paladins we have, shamans deleting people in both dps specs and carrying flag, while being tanky

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This apply to any class, not only shamans, we are not here to cry about shaman.

Because they’re both faction locked bozo

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I dont think you need to be that extreme.

Some ideas could be:

Nerf Wind Fury / Wild Strikes and do small buffs to each melee class spec. This way no class is as reliant on it.

Improve Warriors base hit chance and reduce scaling with gear. We are weakest without hit chance gear as missing an attack for a warrior is also missing out of loads of rage. I would take a 3% increase in hit chance and a nerf to AP scaling any day.

Just reduce the RNG elements, warriors need to Hit, Crit and Proc Wild Strikes right now to maintain rage. If they do all this they can do really good dps. But I;ve gone into a boss fight with only +1% hit chance from gear. I just miss 3 hits in a row at the opening and stand there with no rage. Completely relying on Rage pots. Just reduce RNG and boom fixed.

Rage normalisation

Warriors currently excel in PvE, and therefore, any PvE buffs are not permitted. Presently, Warriors face a challenging situation as we perform adequately in PvE but struggle significantly in PvP, to the extent that we are not competitively aligned with other classes in the game.

What we truly need is a rune specifically tailored to improve our capabilities in PvP, ensuring that any adjustments made solely contribute to our effectiveness in PvP scenarios, without risking an imbalance in PvE damage.

Bladestorm, Spell Reflect, Ignore Pain, Second Wind & Heroic Leap wouldn’t help us at all in PvE, so they’re ideal runes for Warriors in Phase 3 in my opinion.

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And that’s what I’m asking for.

just that little detail - a rune that gives you effectively perma-FAP and CC immunity

Much of everything warrior can do is a 1-2 action

  • auto attack → rage → damage
  • Defensive stance → disarm → battle/zerk stance
  • Auto attack → dodge → overpower
  • “enrage” → enraged regen

Many other things require stance dancing and swapping 1h+shield and back

This worked in era with slower combat but this iWin button instant cast meta it simply doesn’t work, it’s clubcky as hell

And when our rage gen and dmg is subpar we cannot overcome these issues.