Immune classes?


Why do you guys still support the idea of immune being a good game mechanic ?
This is BAD!
It’s BAD for PvP - it makes gearing obsolute, it doesn’t matter if a person spend more time playing the game when a dude can just roll WW monk for example and immune the damage and use old Warrior Retaliation on them or just BM hunter ignore all damage.

It’s BAD for PvE - it makes rogue’s just play drunk and ignore mechanics since they have 2 lives, it is fine for some reason, but not if you play any normal class that don’t have immunities.

What’s the point of having gear if I can just press the button of being IMMUNE class and ignore mechanics / kill people while they can’t retaliete in PvP at all ?

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What do you mean by immune?

Classes have defensives that make them temporarily immune to damage (ice block / Karma).
Are you suggesting we remove classes defensives?


Rogues have 3 lives, cheat death + cloak.


Immune abilities include :
Paladin’s bubbles, DH Netherwalk, Monk’s Karma, Rogue’s cloak/ evasion / cheat death / Hunter’s turtle / Mage’s Ice block and maybe more (Fire mage cauterize?)

In previous raids there were soaking mechanics that were just ignored by having one guy use immune ability completely ignoring game mechanics and as a Rogue you can do that kind of twice(and vanish hence the 3 lives). Given the fact that they gave Enraged regeneration in a bottle to rogues (Crimson vial) Rogues become more tanky than some other classes which is absurd.
This is preventing blizz for making any encounter that rely on teamwork to soak some attack or block a beam just because of the overpowered nature of this abilities. It’s just the thing that some of this so called “Defensives” are used offensively too - Boss does big AoE and most classes run because it would one shot them. Class X uses immune and continue to do damage instead, I don’t know if this should make them feel good for cleverly using defensive to do damage or makes other frustrated that they do the encounter’s mechanics.

I am not against removing class defensives, I am against them negating all the damage. In PvP fighting against a class with immune is death sentence if you don’t have immune on your own. I see paladin / hunter and mage and I am totally discouraged to do any PvP with them since they will just immune my damage, no matter the fact that I have 30 iLvL more than them. Getting discouraged to play the game is not something that I should get in my gamesession.


The problem is not about nerfing abilities, it is about buffing some classes so they can be competetive. If you as warrior could have 5 sec immune you wouldn’t make such post obviously.


Yeah this is just a rant from a warrior who wants all the toys that everyone else has…


Yeah, wanting balance in the game is ranting … topic for another thread.
No matter how much damage they can buff Warriors for example there will still be classes that can immune it so what’s the point ?

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I haven’t played a Warrior so I don’t know your plight, but if defensives were easily counterable, they’d be pretty rubbish defensives.

All I can really suggest is the obvious: don’t pump your dps into Karma, Ice Block, Bubble, Turtle etc. Switch targets (kill the hunters pet?) or get some distance & heal, knowing when you charge back in, they’ve got no defensive left.

As for PvE, I don’t get why people complain about other classes abilities? How does it affect you? We’re just playing the hand we’ve been dealt.


How about when defensives are used as offensives ?
Karma is pretty good example - you use it so you negate all incoming damage from one target - defensively - but meanwhile you probably also got all your offensive cooldowns as well so you can kill your target while they are helpless.
Maybe the problem is with how warriors are designed. They need target to charge and have mobility, they need target to attack and heal but I do believe that stopping me from attacking is just boring.

It’s like stun that can not be trinketed but for every enemy (not in Karma’s case). Still, I can’t help but feel bad when I get monk / paladin in the arena for example and I know that at one point I will be like - Soo what am I supposed to do now when the monk is in Karma and is hitting me and the paladin is in bubble and is hitting me ? Try to run away while being beaten like a dog for what reason exactly ? And yes I know I can spell reflect the first 3 seconds of Karma, it’s somewhat manageable. But then there will be Blessing of Protection.

If I am to accept your suggestion and do the obvious - don’t attack monks / mages / paladins / hunters etc. … there aren’t a lot of classes left to attack are there? Knowing that my char died trading for one defensive feels reeeeally bad.

For PvE it’s fine - bosses have a lot of HP and they don’t mind hitting themselves. It’s the laughter from the discord when they are like - pff I don’t care about this mechanic I am X class meanwhile I am thinking - there will be my time when my 15% HP shout will save your @ss and make me feel good … which happens never :slight_smile:


This post is is a load of crap


You can have your opinion.
We will see how you will like it when Zandalari use their immune ability and start channeling their regenerating racial while you sit there unable to do anything.

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Immunities last for about 10sec.

If classes were as OP as you claim, no one could beat them. The truth is I’ve been killed by tons of Warriors & DK’s & Hunters etc. I’ve also done a fair bit of killing too, so I think it just comes down to how good you/they are at PvP.

L2P is such an unhelpful term & I can’t give any tips on playing Warrior, but maybe some dudes over in the Warrior forum can advise you!?


Zandalari don’t have any immune abilities, also you can interrupt channeling even through paladin bubble so don’t be affraid :wink:


Zandalari paladin have. Two, three of them. And there is already a thread in the arena forums about that.
No need to be afraid, there are so many things that can’t be outplayed in this game that at this point if you want to play you have to be a class with IWIN button.
Pressing your immune ability feels just like that.
Thing is, even with shattering throw, which was the counterplay to bubble I don’t think Warriors have enough buttons to outplay the other paladin defensives.

About the monk’s post - thanks for the advice, it’s just frustrating how if there is a class with immune and a warrior the monk will always choose to Touch of Death/ Clones/ Karma/ Nuckler bomb the Warrior since we literally have no button to press to couterplay that.

PvP used to be about Opponent press X, I press Y and right now I am missing the Y part because of all the pruning.


I don’t know why they took shattering throw away from warrior, everybody was happy about dispeling paladin’s bubble…


And why they made paladins do 100% damage in Divine shield and the ability to continue to attack in Blessing of Protection …


I was talking about this on another thread… They used to deal 50% damage when in Divine Shield from what I remember. Bubble bursting is pretty poppycock, but I suppose if by some miracle you manage to survive then you’ve got a pretty big advantage.

O yeah BoP used to make it so you couldn’t do anything as well! Good times


No, they had whole immunity but their dmg was decreased by 50%.


That is exactly what i meant… Just re-read it and yes it looked like I meant they take 50% damage


being 50% damaged mean you are still taking 50% of damage :stuck_out_tongue: what i meant is they had full immunity but their dmg OUTPUT was decreased by 50%.