Impossible to solo Ickus on Heroic

I’m trying to get the slime mount but it appears Ickus is impossible to solo due to the debuff applied. Can Blizz please remove the debuff while solo-ing the dungeon or at least make it interrupt-able?

I’ve literally thrown everything at him and I still die when he’s around 60% health. I have iLvl 254 with double legendaries and the problem lies solely in Ickus applying the debuff several times on me, making it stack.

Try another class then, Vengeance dh is not realy good for soloing it if you have low item lvl. Prot pala is ideal bubble, spellwarding, and also prot pala does way more DPS than DH. Also another trick for you to make mount easy, get a geared guy to solo all bosses except last one, while you stay outside of the instance. Then he teleports and you enter instance. YOu only have to solo Last boss like this.

I don’t see why this is hard for DH. I did it on Prot Warrior which is the absolute worst tank for solo content. You can probably just blast it down as a dps spec these days.

You need high ilvl gear for that as dps, each season the dungeons get buffed, this season was no exception. Yes even non m+ dungeons got buff.

Try to see if you can Recraft some gear in the creation catalyst to get a 4 tier bonus. It will for sure make it easier for you. Maybe then you can go spirit bomb build and dark glare legendary also as a tank and have much more self healing so you survive better. Changing to Kyrian and Mikanikos when doing this could also help you much since it synergises so much better as vengeance.

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