Impressive influence reputation buff extended

While we work through the final steps of bringing Corruption Effects to MOTHER’s vendor list, we decided to leave the Impressive Influence reputation buff active in all regions.

The buff will now expire on the evening of Thursday May 21.



Is reputation buff for all content or just bfa?

Too much shacking hand buff :smiley:

Shake my hand :smiley:



Just remember this is wow forum.
If you bring bad news people shoot postman.

JK :slight_smile:


I was at first super happy and thought to myself: “YES! We’ll get to keep the reputation buff until pre-patch too!”

I was dissapointed. :disappointed:

Oh well! It was fun while it lasted. Didn’t have enough willpower to make it through legion until very late on, so still lacking a whole bunch of wardens rep and the campaign is slowing down my legionfall progress…


Legion & BFA Content :slight_smile:

(However excluding Rajani & Uldum Accord for whatever “genius” reason)

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How about you make it so that all the corruptions are on the vendor list at all times?
It will only many more people happy


Blizzards game design philosophy is so much focused on “gameplay first”, that they do not realize that there are other meaningful progressions than leveling and gearing. Collectibles are not JUST cosmetics, those are equally meaningful goals to achieve.

Low drop rates only create an artificial rarity that becomes meaningless after enough time (due to statistic probability), only leaving a small minority punished who are still unlucky after investing the most time into farming the mounts.

Paragon collectibles are one of the most annoying grinds, because with every opened “empty” chest, all the days to farm 10k rep become meaningless.

The exp buff and the Corruption vendor will stay until 9.0, but “Impressive Influence” will be gone soon. Just because Blizzard only considered Allied Races and Pathfinder as relevant reputation-based goals for the game. :frowning:


Why not till end of the week to weekly reset? :expressionless:

Useless then~ Ty for nothing Blizzard :roll_eyes:


Make all corruptions available at the vendor.

Stop the bloody RNG rotations for god’s sake!


Really?.. All you’ve done this expansion is piss on your players with RNG and bugs. Removing RNG to give us even worse RNG. Adding RNG to a RNG shop, and now you take away the reputation buff which is the only thing making people come back to play without hating their life while playing, instead of just letting it stay till shadowlands release or the prepatch. It feels like you’ve been working against your playerbase and community for way too long now. You disappoint me blizzard, you really do…


Uhm, can we please have this till the end of the expansion as well? Not like they matter that much.

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Rep buff continues or Shadowlands NOW!
Like if agree!


So we can have it an extra day? Whoopee, I think.

Why not just leave the buff up until the SL pre-patch like you’re doing with the xp buff ?

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This is why Blizzard almost doesn’t give anything for free - ppl complain about anything, so wheter you give ppl something or not - they still complain.
And about extending the buff - because of these mass whining and blackmailing blizz, we will never have such monthly events on normal basis, because when they end, people start demaning to make it pernament. Instead of enjoying the moment and waiting for another gameplay buff for next month.

Becouse overrewarding entilted players what are addicted on dopamine rushes and find content fun only if they get fast paced rewards is bad desing.

Well then, at least they’d be consistent!