In Development: Seeds of Renewal

In Development: Seeds of Renewal

The next update, Dragonflight: Seeds of Renewal, is in development and will allow defenders of the Dragon Isles to discover the buried history of Azeroth and the Dragon Isles.

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Can you revert the warlock changes in 10.2 please.

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troll customizations will include beards right?


I hope Gilneas will become an actual player hub and not just, “Oh look, another zone to add to the pile!”


Yeah I was wondering about that, nothing in the notes say anything specific.

Yeah, we Night Elves lost our chance at that, but they could at least do it right with Gilneas. Shouldn’t be that hard to add a bank, an AH and a couple of portals right?

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i hope this isn’t 10.2.5 ?

rework ww monk ffs


Excited for this :smiley:


More Draenei customisation, eh?

Can you tell your player character artists to fix the neck seam already? Please? Given how much time they’re dedicating to Draenei I’m sure they’ve got a moment for that.

Using Gilneas sounds fun but I do hope it’ll turn into a faction capital afterwards… Worgen deserve that.

As for AI companions… the slide away from an MMO continues, what can I say.


As a long time Worgen player, I hope this means we can finally hang out in Gilneas, enjoy a pint in a moody alehouse and go for a midnight “snack” afterwards.


AI dungeons is something i have been suggesting for LFR for a decade now. I still think the game would benefit enormously from a single-player environment where new players can see all of the raid mechanics before trying out higher difficulties. i also think this would solve the existing problem of not being able to do any LFR after the tier is over, because no one queues it.

dungeons are a good start tho


Generally speaking if it’s not SW/OG/expansion hub then it gets no portals. There are some exceptions like old Hellfire Peninsula portals at Darnassus/Undercity but generally they don’t want to spread the dwindling population over several hubs and thus only the dedicated RPers generally go to those other cities.

Are trolls getting green skin like the revantusk as skin colour to choose from?

And what do you think it is exactly? 10.2.3? 10.3?

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announce green voidwalkers (or felwalkers I suppose)

i get one with a trinket, but i want MOAR

Yeah exactly, because we get AI chars for nhc dungeons… ppl who will use those haven’t done group content currently anyway.

I do hope they’ll expand on it so we can soon run hc/Mythic dungeons and LFR with NPCs… better than having to wait in the queue for 2 hours+ … which isn’t playing an MMO either, btw!

Trust System from FFXIV in WoW!

From the artikel it sounds like it’s just new hair colors… big announcement for “BE costumization” was also just three measly new haircolors, so I wouldn’t expect much… or rather nothing.

@Blizzard ‘Dranei’?? come on…