Increase Honor gain


In my opinion it would be better to increase honor gains by around 200-400%.

I feel it’ll be more of an incentive to play battle grounds, alts and hopefully get a higher engagement to PvP. I’ve recently been playing games with my IRL (his character here: and we’ve sunk alot of time into attempting to gear him through arena/battlegrounds and the process feels too long. It’s tough to try and keep friends playing, especially that you consider time required to grind korthia for sockets and conduits etc.

It’d be interesting to see the general community’s feedback on this topic.



100% agree
I want to play on many toons and I gain conq gear+raiting way faster then what I can farm honor.

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Full on agree! Upgrading gear has become that much of a chore that I end up holding back on going up a bracket just to makes sure I have enough honor to upgrade as many pieces as possible. Would be much better if they increased the honor you get as well as increase the cap from 15k to 20-25k

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I don’t understand these types of posts, by increasing the honor gain you achieve the same as just decreasing the cost for upgrading / buying gear? There would be no need to boost honor gain if we just removed this stupid ranking system and kept to the gearing systems in WoD or Mop.


But they wont go back to WoD so people come up with alt-solutions.

Yeah… Increasing the Honor Gain will increase the AFK Honor Farmers for Honor Level…

The best solution is just to decrease the honor required for the gear set…

And remove the Arena/RBG rating shet! Let all the players get the top PvP gear and then play with skills, not stupid ratings and payed boosts.

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I dont have issues with requirement to play random bgs. The honor system in its core its just garbage. My chars either have honor capped and zero use for it or desperately need honor and cant get it, because playing pvp without maxed gear is worse than reading NA feminists blog posts. In both cases the honor mechanic feels a**.

5875 honor from 35 mins ashran, prisoners give 417 honor on alliance per prisoner, 3 released = 1251 honor, their respawn time is 30 mins , ez 2502 honor from simple activity :smiley:

You have made a point. I queued into brawl today. There was a mage who was sitting carts but when horde is getting him , he wasnt attacking just dying.

Damage done was 0.

I said 1 mil times report him for afk. But people reported him for afk last 40 seconds to bg.

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Btw can someone elaborate on why does honor cap even exist? Like whats the functionality of that or what benefit it provides to …anyone?

Like its so much fun doing weekly pvp quests to only find out that youre honour caped the whole time and thus not getting objectives for q…so you go to buy gear for honor so you can do these quests and seel it later. Meanwhile you need 150k honor on your naked char…

This expansion is so demented.

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